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  1. All very helpful. I'm so glad to hear that it can be tackled. I'm happy to hear that you got there in the end Homer! Bless you. I'm going to double check the deeds and work with my neighbours collectively. None of us need any harassment. The police should be ashamed of themselves!
  2. Thanks. I will tell her to get the advert. She was told by letting agent verbally too. Hopefully she will get sorted.
  3. Ooh I'll have a run down to an Aldi and Lidl. Thank you for the tip!
  4. The daughter of a friend of mine has just moved into a rental property and was told she could park to the rear of the house as off road parking. She only rented the property as the off road parking would mean she had parking for two cars. Low and behold she had been contacted by a neighbour saying that she cannot park there. She has been given the neighbours deeds showing that the land is private and a right of way. She was also given a print out of an email that shows the landlord replying to a "letter before claim" and saying that plans were too fuzzy to read. She was lied to, can she cancel the tenancy and get back her deposit? She has been there for a week and the contract is for 6 months.
  5. It is mostly about 10 metres from you can park on the road side. I'm fairly confident my neighbours are innocent. I feel like a little detective now.
  6. It is mostly bits of old furniture like drawers and cabinets. Clear out sounds like but if it is the same person they do it a few times a year! I will try taking pictures as a log. The path is just over a metre wide for right of way on foot for the houses. I would be most impressed if a fire engine could enter but would they get out again?! The path is owned by someone. If we identify the owner what do we tell them? Is there some bylaw or legislation we tell them is being infringed? If they don't think it is important would we be looking at legal letters? It would be good to know this information as it might make everyone pay for a camera if we get nowhere with the owner. Thank you all. Rose
  7. I'm not sure where to ask but our houses have a pathway behind our house to access gardens but someone is fly tipping items that impede and sometimes block our path entirely. My neighbour said that they talked to council but they could do nothing as it is private land. Is it the owner of the land's responsibility to keep rights of way unobstructed? It is confusing, I have searched and found rights of way that mentions repairs and maintenance. Is maintenance the right way to describe clearing an obstruction? Sorry if I'm not making sense or this is not the right place to ask. We cannot afford to keep paying someone to clear the waste and I can't do it myself.
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