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  1. At this moment I have not quoted any consumer laws and regulations in regard to my complaints.
  2. Hi Bank Fodder, dx100uk, Thank you for your responses. I'm reluctant to provide information regarding the dealer/car at this time due to fear of the reprecussions and with the value of the vehicle being high (over 40 thousand pounds). Payment was made via bank transfer. I want to be as vague as possible as you can appreciate I dont want to jeopardise me getting the refund. Once I have a better idea as to where I stand I'd be happy to provide a detailed account. The timeline is as follows: 1. Car purchased a few months ago. 2. Approx 3 weeks ago made dealer aware of fault. 3. Was agreed the Car was to be handed to a main dealer for investigation. They weren't able to diagnose the fault. Was with main dealer for approx 1.5weeks 4. Main dealer wanted do carry out further investigations but independent seller who I purchased off did not authorise. 5. Independent garage collected car from main dealer and was taken to unknown location. 6. Chased seller for updates and location of car. No information provided for approx 1 week. 7. I then recieved an email which accused me of modifying the car and was presented with the 3 options I mentioned in my previous post. 8. I responded denying the allegations and confirmed I wanted a refund. 9. I then received a settlement agreement with a confidentiality clause which will prevent me from disclosing the circumstances leading up to the agreement online. I hope the above gives a better picture as to what has happened. I also wasn't quite sure what to put as the thread title, would it be possible to change this as it is quite confusing? Thank you for your assitance.
  3. Hello, I purchased a vehicle a few months ago from an independent car dealership which has a fault. I made the independent dealer aware of the issue and they instructed a garage to investigate. The garage could not diagnose the issue, however, the independent dealer later accused me of modifying the car which has caused the fault which is not true. They have presented no proof that I have modified the vehicle. I was offered the following 3 options from the independent dealer to resolve the matter. 1. Return the vehicle to me on the basis I have modified the vehicle 2. Fix the issue and that I would be liable for any costs 3. Full refund of the vehicle on the basis we "agree to disagree" I denied all allegations that I had modified the vehicle and confirmed I would accept the full refund. The reason for my post is because I received a settlement agreement to sign (in order to get the refund) which has some clauses I dont agree with regarding confidentiality/disclosure. It states that I am not allowed to disclose the circumstances leading up to the agreement online. Please note I have not signed this agreement yet. Is it fair that this is to be included in the settlement agreement? Is it fair that I should be denied the right to make people aware of my experience in order to receive a refund? Any advice on the above would be much appreciated.
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