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  1. I received a Letter Before Claim from CST, they have resurrected some parking charges from 2019 which I had flat ignored at every step. It appears the lure of a triple charge is worth them going after me for real. They claim to act on behalf of Euro Car Parks, but I don't think they do. The small print refers to Debt Recovery Plus, so does this mean that Euro have sold the debt on, or are they using DRP to do their work for them? As it's an LBC I have no other choice than to reply to it, and will struggle to defend the charges as it's likely they had time stamped photos. The car itself was scrapped a year ago! Is it worth me writing back and saying that I dispute that they are acting for ECP,? Then perhaps request what this "sufficient evidence" is they claim to have? Also to question the extortionate markup on the original charge, asking what exactly it is for? They are now asking for £120 on each charge! Thanks
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