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  1. Thank you both. Yes her childcare is messed up by COVID but did carry on and I have the email receipts. thank you for your Link dx100uk, but it forwards me to a thread about Estoppel. How do I go about reading other threads on overpayment? thank you.
  2. Hi all, new to this website. ive got a letter today Giving me a telephone interview for my childcare from sept 2020 to 2/7/2021. I’m within my Childcare £10 threshold from sept 2020 to end of financial year in April 2021. However I’m below it from start of financial year 21 to now. The reason I didn’t update them is because my childcare can be erratic (and that’s before the pandemic) and usually the childcare will reach the threshold by the end of the financial year. So for example when she goes back to school in September the childcare will go up again. As I’m a worrier this has really rattled Me. Should I have put the childcare right down Or stopped it after I did my review in April? Or have I done the right thing. i only get £22 a month as it is, so we aren’t talking loads and loads. anyone that can allay my worries will be most appreciated .
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