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  1. Even though my son reported it to Enterprise they have said they have no record, I’ve asked him to get the call records that will show all the calls made to the branch and accident report team. The problem is that Enterprise are saying they have withdrawn the insurance cover they provided on the basis he didn’t report the accident.
  2. My son has received a county court claim lodged by a legal representative of the other driver. The accident was in June last year and the details of the accident that have been submitted are not accurate. The road was a single lane country road with the national speed limit applied, my son was not speeding and he pulled over against the hedge to allow the other vehicle passed. The other driver scrapped his van against the vehicle my son was driving and pulled against the hedge on his side after the contact had happened. There was no damage to the hire vehicle and the car was logged back in by the Enterprise branch in excellent condition. My son subsequently reported the accident to the Enterprise branch and the accident report line, which took c. 18 phone calls on the day of the accident but Enterprise have refused to deal with the accident as they claim it was not reported. Subsequently a claims company linked to Enterprise have written to my son to represent him. This week my son has received a county court claim with no mention of Enterprise and it’s directed to my son with no evidence to support any of the claim. I’m not sure how to respond as he has not done anything wrong and the other driver acknowledged that at the time. He has photos that show no bend near the accident and the position of his vehicle. can anyone provide guidance on how best to deal with this matter please? County Court Claim Form.pdf
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