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  1. Mine isn’t until 19th and I’m beside myself with worry. I haven’t been honest and I feel awful. im trying to take peoples advice on here and be positive but I’m not seeing how they’ll be so understanding. sorry I can’t help x
  2. Mine is worse than that it’s from April 2020- during lockdown. My child care needs changed and I’ve been all over the place. I should have called and discussed it but it was all up in the air and chaotic. I’m not sure how to explain this without sounding like a fraud.
  3. I really hope so because I’m distraught. Can’t see the light at the moment. It’s going to be a lot! Should I call sooner than the 19th? Or just wait it out?
  4. Thank you for responding to me. I think it may be around 14 months worth of getting it wrong though.
  5. Hello, I hope someone can help with some advice. I have received a letter saying I need to have a telephone interview to review my tax credits. I have a feeling (after many google searches) that this may be down to covid and reduced childcare hours and I didn’t or haven’t amended anything and now I am panicking I’ve been majorly over paid childcare tax credits. I don’t have any proof of what we’ve had and I can’t even remember when the children were in after school club and when they were at home with me. I am a single mom of three and I don’t know what to do!
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