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  1. I never paid because then when I was in Italy Bergamo, My rental car was stolen by Avis member. I noticed him washing cars before I drove out of the rental area. After returning to the he car , I noticed the Avis guy driving the car off. Reported it to the police in Bergamo. Wouldn't do anything apparently happens all the time. After returning to my hotel I noticed my credit card missing. Left at the car rental desk. Then it was used to pay for the stolen car. Vanquis Bank investigated , but done nothing. And kept the charge on my account. Therefore I never paid. Fraud was committed between Avis and Vanquis Bank.
  2. Hi Lozza1981 Hi I'm having the same issue with NCO Europe. And Arrow Global Ltd This debt was from 2012 Last payment apparently I paid in 2019. Don't have any knowledge of this. Arrow Global Ltd taken over my debt from Vanquis Bank. On which I was paying a token until 2015. Then I moved addresses and they couldn't contact me. Therefore passed my debt over to Arrow Global and NCO Europe. Never received a termination letter from them because of address. Checked my file on 29th March 2021 and see a default notice. And score dropped by 300 points. Taken me years to build a once excellent score. After complaining about not receiving the termination letter. They sent today by email. By law they cannot put a mark on your file until you receive the termination letter. Now NCO Europe saying it will stay there for 6 years. Won't remove the default. Want their payment. Told them you're only going to get £2.00 a month. As have nothing. Put into my daughter account. Complained to vanquis Bank , and Revolver. As not my debt. Is there anything else I can do? Cheers.
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