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  1. No I didn't buy their insurance - this is the first (and last time!!) I have dealt with them. When I've read their insurance leaflet there is nothing in there to say there was any reason I couldn't have just returned it (ie it's not a musical instrument worth loads) Was the value of £349 properly declared? - can you explain what you mean please? I have the receipt, surely that's good enough proof?? I'm fuming!! I can't see why a judge wouldn't look on my case favourably?
  2. I returned a parcel via Hermes to SportsShoes.com. SportsShoes.com have never received it. I have the blue receipt from my local shop to show it's been recorded as received. Despite countless attempts trying to contact Hermes I couldn't get to the bottom of it so had no alternative but to take it to the small claims court. Hermes are disputing my claim and suggest going to mediation??!! My parcel was worth £349, not a small amount!! I have the receipt as proof I dropped it off! Surely I have every right to my money back? If I go to mediation they'll try reduce the amount owed? Can anyone help please?
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