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  1. Hi, I've had no further contact from them other than one letter
  2. Thanks yeah I've had a look through the other threads, they all seem to just end without any further updates. I've told the contact that due to various reasons we will be unable to continue playing in the league and I will not be communicating further as of last week. I've blocked his number to avoid the incessant spam messages. I've just had a letter through the post telling me to pay the cancellation fee for the last game. I'll ignore this too Will keep you guys posted.
  3. Perfect thanks. They never/are actually unable to really take legal action over it then?
  4. Hello all, S6 - T&C's (soccersixes.net) I signed up to the soccersixes 6 aside league with some work colleagues back in March. Thought it would be a bit of fun and had played in 6 aside leagues previously without issue. We were doing okay up until recently where we have suffered injuries and members of the team have taken up new jobs elsewhere and so can no longer play. I have given the league manager notice to take our team out of the league as of 18/6/2021 as we're now really struggling. He has said we have to keep fielding a team until a replacement is found and continue covering match fees as per the T&C, however he has also now revealed that the league is actually 22 games long which was not clear from the outset - we have played 9 games so far. He is making no guarantee that a replacement will be found and is asking me to possibly cover match fees over the entire course of this 22 game long season (£20 cancellation fee per game). Having read around online with people reporting similar situations with this same company, I am a bit concerned. What's my best course of action here? I do not feel it justified to have to keep paying these fees. I would never have agreed to the T&C if it would be taking on a potential commitment to 22 games and this was never specified from the outset. I find it unbelievable that the company cannot find a proper route for a team struggling through no fault of their own to leave the league when 6 aside leagues I've played in previously have managed it. Do I have much legal standing here? I understand they are known to threaten people with letters and debt collectors, and threaten to take them to court.
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