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  1. Hi, I’ve said I’m not paying 2 months in advance but they then say basically my (2 year old!) son then can’t attend gymnastics classes with them. I have had a message from someone higher up the chain this morning but not had a chance to read yet. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that it is indeed 2 months in advance - they look at it another way but it is most definitely 2 months! I am sure no-one is aware of this and it is a money making scheme for them, 100% so I want to make everyone aware. I am sure when people realise, they will refuse which in turn will mean people leaving and force them to change their absurd rules!!?!
  2. Haven’t fallen foul as I found out thanks to lockdown and covid and cancelling my direct debit after being repeatedly charged! I strongly suspect no customers are aware of this though and therefore will fall foul and I’m determined to both alert everyone in order to save money, as well as have Everyone Active change it/shut down - struggling to find anything positive said about the chain!
  3. I’ve recently discovered Everyone Active gyms are charging every single membership TWO months in advance. Neither a friend or I were notified of this when we originally signed up (our TODDLERS, for preschool gymnastics!) and I strongly suspect others are unaware as well. But, it’s ok (please note sarcasm), because according to “Mark Washington, Contract Manager for Somerset West and Taunton”, “We have a direct debit scheme in place for tennis, gymnastics and swimming lessons this has been agreed at both a local and national level, these payment schemes have been signed off by our board” Sure Mark, sure - of course the board of predominantly white, male directors are going to sign this off, because it boils down to more money for them, less for innocent customers who haven’t a clue they are paying two months in advance should they come to quit membership, or one of the issues listed below.. I just can’t believe the audacity of doing this, nor can I believe they are getting away with it - it’s absolutely ridiculous! Nowhere else charges like this. I have so many issues with it; 1) in our situation (for toddlers) - what if, god forbid, they break a limb?! By the time you are able to pause your direct debit two months beyond what you’ve already paid, it is just when they are likely to be out of a cast and going back… you’ve missed out on TWO full months of membership?! 2) what happens when Everyone Active just randomly cancels their toddler gymnastics classes? This happened to us just a few weeks ago! 3) so everyone is expected to remember that they have 2 months paid upfront and any one time, imagine if you have a family of 4/5/6 +++ and everyone is signed up slightly differently - you’ve got to remember all these different end dates of your two months in advance?! 4) for adult memberships - what happens if you’ve to relocate for work within a month?! This is something that frequently happens so you just lose out on what you’ve already been forced to pay, an absurd two months in advance??! Is anyone else a member? Did you know this? Am I the one being insane?!
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