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  1. Thanks YMMV, duly noted. Hi Slick, I will take your advice on board and stop engaging with DL. I have seen from a few threads here that eventually DCA gets involved with some intimidation tactics, but I haven't seen anyone's feedback on how far they got with DCA after simply ignoring them. Spl
  2. Hello slick132, Many thanks for confirming this. I sent the following email to DL yesterday, still waiting for their response: "I am requesting to end my membership due to relocation. I am not happy with my new local club facilities in Brighton, and I would have not signed up if it wasn't for the Southampton facilities. Furthermore, I do not see why I should be financially tied for 5 more months because of COVID? I can provide evidence of my new address if it will be used to waive my notice period. Please note that I have already cancelled my direct debit. Last payment was made on 01/06/2021 which covers all of June. I have already relocated and have not been using the facilities since early June." If they come back to me insisting that I continue my membership then I may need your help in drafting something back. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks dx for your prompt response. My last DD was paid on 01/06/2021 which technically covers all of this month. I will only offer to pay for one more month out of courtesy. In all honesty, I am not sure on how to put this in writing to them? It is fair wanting to cancel because of relocation but they will just keep quoting their T's & C's to me it seems. Any ideas? Thank you!
  4. Hello, I have seen the numerous threads here about not having to worry about gym debts and collectors ,..etc. However, I am slightly nervous and I would like to double checks with the experts on here. I signed up to Standard DL membership in September 2020. I have just moved to another city but when I visited the local DL club it was way smaller and did not have as many facilities such as tennis/squash courts and so on. I did not like the facilities in the new club as it felt like a downgrade and I certainly did not want to pay the same amount per month for a much smaller club. I gave in my cancellation notice on 16/06/2021 and when I heard nothing from them, I cancelled my direct debit a week after. I just got an email from them stating the below: "As you are within your initial term, your membership will be extended by the number of months of Club closure as our Standard contracts requires 12 full calendar months of payment. The earliest date we can end your membership is the 1st March 2022. We can transfer your membership to the nearest Club or if you are requesting to end your membership due to relocation to a new address more than 10 miles form a David Lloyd Club we can review this notice period for you. Please send proof of your new address to support an early cancellation and we will be able to review your notice for you." My 2 main issues with this is as follows: 1- COVID is not fault so why should I be tied for 5 more months, and I am not keen to pay £900 (~£100 x 9 months left) for something I won't use. 2- My nearest club is 7 miles away so I don't meet the 10 miles criteria. Now I am not sure what to do here. Are the downgraded facilities enough reason for me to get out of this? I agreed to sign up to the DL after being shown around the facilities in my old city, but I wouldn't have signed up to this new one, and I am pretty sure even DL charges less per month for this new club. Any advice on how to get back to them will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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