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  1. Just had Resolvecall at my door RE the Cabot debt! I did not answer as he was a rather scary looking chap (I know they can not enter etc) but he has very kindly posted a note through the door.... 'In light of the current pandemic we are looking to contact yourself, in order to understand your present circumstances'..... What has the pandemic got to do with it!!? Any advice? Really do not want these clowns knocking my door.
  2. Response from Sheriff this morning Let’s hope they have none but nothing would be a surprise from this mob Tue, 7 Sep 2021, 07:53.pdf
  3. Hi Dx, was going to submit response this evening using the guidance on the response pages however after reading DA11’s latest update from Nolans I’m not so sure… any other advice at all!? Much much appreciated
  4. Thanks Dx, just about to respond on Civil Online. What should I put in... -What steps have you taken, if any, to settle the dispute with the claimant? -What is the background to this claim? -Why should the claim not be successful? This is where I am going to enter 'The Claimant has failed, to date to supply, despite a previous Consumer Credit Act request, all of the required paperwork under the said Act. The respondent is unaware of any compliant Default Notice served under Section 87 of the CCA 1974 by either the original creditor or the claimant.
  5. Hi DX, from reading previous posts, in D2 should I enter… Or any other advice? Last date for response is 07/09, should I wait til that date or ok to do it now? ‘The claimant has failed to date to supply, despite a previous CCA request, all the required paperwork to fully enforce the agreement under the said act. The respondent is unaware of any compliant Default Notice served under section 87 of the CCA1974 by either the original creditor or the claimant in the last XX years. ..................’ ?
  6. Oops hadn’t spotted that one! Have uploaded again just in case useful SAR BOS.pdf
  7. Nope looks like short of 5 years Bank of Scot last payment- Nov 2013 Nolans 1st payment- June 2017
  8. Thanks DX. What should I do now? Just worrying will catch up with me like current Nolans situation!
  9. Cabot is the correct address however Hoist is an old address does letter of claim apply in Scotland?
  10. Received letter today from Cabot advising a company called Resolvecall will come to my door to get me in touch with Cabot RE BOS current acct OD for £763. Also received a letter from Hoist Fianance for another BOS current acct OD £500- had no idea about either of these! I called Cabot (from withheld no) and asked for some info (did not admit debt etc) as I honestly can't remember anything about this account. This is the info they gave me... -BOS current account opened in Dec 2009 -Defaulted may 2015 -Cabot purchased debt in July 2018 -Last payment made was £30 in 2019 but was a payment that Moorcroft transferred to Cabot!? I asked several times if this payment was made to Moorcroft in 2019 then transferred or if it was a previous payment- did Moorcroft hold the account prior to Cabot but the advisor did not know. Then called Hoist -Current account opened in Aug 2010 -Defaulted June 2017 -Hoist purchased debt late 2019 but had been with several other agencies prior -Last payment made was £54.26 in March 2020- £54.26- similar to above, not a payment made to Hoist, advisor kept saying a previous agency transferred them the payment!? I can not find any trace of this payments- was hoping to go along lines of statute barred but not entirely sure where I stand with them both?
  11. Both attached- BOS had deadline of yesterday 24th to respond to SAR, no response whatsoever. Nothing from Nolans email (stupidly sent before I discovered the wonderful CAG!) Should I chase up BOS? Last date for response to SPC is 7th Sept. Nolans email.pdf SAR.pdf
  12. Yes the person is a clerk but no names on the gov site or on the pack that I can see
  13. Losing sleep over this issue at the moment! Anxious waiting for Lloyds SAR request to come through. The other issue is that I have a family member who works in the SC that the papers came from. I really do not want this person knowing my business, I know GDPR and all that but I suspect they are the one who issued the papers due to handwriting on envelope
  14. It was personal but never mind as I think I know the answer/option
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