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  1. As well as this, the website offers three types of SIM cards 30 day, 12 months and 24 months. I was never offered a choice from the advisor on the chat and I believed it was a 30 day rolling plan
  2. Okay thank you for your advice. My only query is I never signed a contract for the sim and was Mis sold at the time. The advisor never mentioned that it was a ‘contract’ There is no physical copy of the ‘contract’ so am I liable to pay a fee for a contract that doesn’t explicitly exist?
  3. The sim is currently in my pocket old phone and so has been in use since November 2020. I was not made aware at time of purchase that I was tied into a 24 month contract I have now purchased a contract with a new phone on three.
  4. Hello, I purchased a new contract through a different company as I thought I only had a SIM card from Vodafone. However I have tried to cancel my sim only from them and they are saying I’m in a ‘sim only’ contract and I will be liable to pay a £400 release fee. however, I don’t remember signing myself up to be in a 24 month contract in a SIM card. As well as this I’m pretty sure there’s no physical proof of this so contract. I never signed a contract for this sim and shouldn’t have to pay the £400 release fee. can someone advise me on what my options are in this situation. Do I have a leg to stand on in terms of arguing with vodaphone.
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