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  1. Bankfodder Are you with a legal team? I came hear to get impartial advice on my next steps but your talking as if you are taking on a case? I understand this might go to small claims court but my question at the beginning was to see what my rights are and what steps to take next. All of what you asked above I have collected but I don’t wish to share any more information as this is an open site. I would just appreciate steps to take before I head to a court case. Thank
  2. The oven was an integrated oven and put into a integrated unit. The engineer from hotpoint put in his findings. Work Done: uplift number given ( appliance condensate a lot, leaking onto the new kitchen unit and floor, condensation tray present but still to much water accomodation) new type design- back vent tube not present anymore, all steam is staying inside the oven. I asked many time to uk claims what was wrong with the oven after they took it away but they always avoided answering my question. I sent so much evidence to both companies of the distraction caused but they always wanted more and more. Uk claims know the oven is defective as they wouldn’t of offered a partial amount of money. They know all the loop holes so they offered the price of units - 25% indemnity but nothing towards removal or fitting of new units. My argument is, why should I pay out more again because the oven I purchased was not fit for purpose and damaged my property that was not even 6 weeks old. Thanks honeybee13 for editing and changing colour for my answers. I thought copying your questions and answering below was easier Bankfodder. It was not my intention to upset you. Thanks both.
  3. Please can you tell us about the oven – make model price et cetera. Who supplied it? Whether supplier is the same as the installers? It was a hotpoint DD2540 around £300 purchased through Very, sauced my own electrician. If not then who were the installers and who specified that oven and that installation? Competent qualified electrician fitted it as per instruction manual. You say "the company" sent an engineer. I suppose you mean the oven supplier or was it the oven manufacturer? – it's not clear. Oven manufacturers Hotpoint engineer. The retailers gave you the money back for the oven. Don't understand that a legal team company owned the oven what is that about please? After payment from Very they passed me over to UK claims team (hotpoint legal team). You talk about the company that sold you the units – is this the same company as the oven supplier or a different company? It’s a different company. You are talking about damage, replacement, et cetera but really we have no idea of the values you are talking about and who carried out the assessments. Builder who fitted units, manufacturers manager of store where purchased units and a independent carpenter. So what has been the estimate for repairing the units? Is it clear that that can be done properly so that they were in the position that they were in before the damage? No it’s Melamine so they wouldn’t match with the rest of the kitchen, also they said the deterioration could change dry out or loss of glue from within units/doors. Moisture has blistered inside and joints of units and doors. What is the cost of replacing the units – including the cost of removing the old ones? £3000 What are you doing for an oven was now? I had to go out and get another oven. You say that some money on top was offered. Did you accept this? Was this paid conditionally as full and final settlement – or was it simply a goodwill payment? I did not except the good will offer but was told that I should take the offer from hotpoint and the good will gesture from Very. How much on top is paid? They made an offer of £300 As you can see, you expressed your problem in a very generalised way and we really need a more precise description. Hope this is more helpful? Finally, you can see that I have restructured your post and introduce spacing although I haven't managed to do anything about punctuation – to make it more readable – especially for people on small screen such as a telephone. Please can you take care to space and punctuate your posts properly so that they are more accessible.
  4. I bought a new oven to fit in new units. So much steam it soaked surrounding units. Noticed damage 6 weeks later. Company sent engineer (not fit for purpose) retailers gave me money back for oven and transferred me over to the legal team company who owned the oven. Went through the legal team with lots of Photos of damage, 3 quotations for replacement, emails from company manager that I bought the units from saying that the units were no longer under warranty due to ingress of moisture. Carpenters said it was a lot more £ to fix easier to replace. Company who own oven offered a fraction of what it would cost to replace the units and get them fitted. retailer offered a small amount of £ on top. I just want my kitchen how it was originally before damage. Tried ombudsman but they can’t help as these companies seem to have loop holes so no honest help for me and others in this sort of situation. Any advice appreciated
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