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  1. No I was planning to use the loan for house improvements, but due to my partner shielding due to Covid and medical issues I had to use it for other expenses to get by. I kept up for a few months then failed to deal with it. I've got no other defaults. I will send a complaint though as I contacted previously and they failed to provide adequate advice. Even now, the adviser was unsure about the procedures. I did offer to pay either the CC or loan off but fell on deaf ears. I requested additional few days as the sum due was on a weekend but apparently automatically set.
  2. I've had a current for a couple of years but the loan and CC since Oct 20'
  3. 3 - 6 months, but I've been in-between jobs & ill. I did try to communicate once before but didn't provide a structure or plan. Maybe I can discuss it with HSBC repayments if I'm able to pay it off within the 28 days but unsure. The adviser was really awful in explaining the procedures. There was quite a bit of contradiction between the letters & what they said.
  4. No I don't have any debts in similar situations, I've dealt with other matters. Shame really, as I was hoping to come to some sort of repayment plan. The customer service was poor from FD, but will discuss it with HSBC repayment team to try and gain more information. I'll be 30 when the 6 years are up, no idea what my credit history will be like in terms of applying for mortgage etc.
  5. Hi, Completely new to the site, so forgive me if these queries have been answered. Unfortunately I've been dealt a final Demand letter for X amounts owed for my loan and credit card. Due to Covid repayments have been tough. First Direct want the full amount by the given date, otherwise default would be issued (28 days since the notice was handed 09/06) and debt would be passed onto HSBC repayments. The chap I spoke to wasn't much help, I attempted to organise a repayment plan but unfortunately fell on deaf ears. I want to know if there are any solutions to combat this final demand that's due on 27/06 and avoid default. Any advice or help is much appreciated. Thank you.
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