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  1. Spoke to the finance company first who advised talk to the dealer to start the unwind process. Spoke to the dealer and They were great..didn't even ask about delivering it. Said they would get the ball rolling. So it's all being reversed 


    I'll call both parties Monday to check this has all been done. Just updating the thread.

  2. Hi bankfodder. Over the course of my Nightshift I've come to same conclusion as you've pointed out. An email has already been sent to the dealer saying I won't be purchasing the vehicle. 


    Obviously when the world wakes up I'll sort the finance company out etc

  3. Hi I'll keep it brief.


    I've just taken out hp car finance. I can afford the monthly payments, it was confirmed the dealer was paid on Monday.

    I thought it'd be easy to go and collect the car but due to my hours the 10 hour all inclusive trip and trying to fit it in (as I do 12 hour shifts and on my days off have my daughter. It's literally due to the current pattern. Normally it's pretty good)


    The dealer however is refusing to deliver without me taking the jaunt to see it. It has warranty, I've had a comprehensive video also. It seems the area manager has an issue with it.


    I know during lockdown and before many dealerships have no issue with people ordering with travelling the distance to see it.


    Can I ask.

    Am I able to withdrawal completely from the finance and the car purchase?


    Or can I tell the dealer look the car has been paid therefore I require it to be delivered?








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