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  1. I pay directly to my ex partner into her account, the figure I was informed to pay by the CSA, I changed jobs (higher wage) and the amount increased (CSA) and then got made redundant and moved back to my old job, they were looking at the figure I was paying as it my job salary was lower, in that time I kept paying even though I was on a lower income. And they were reviewing it since January, what they didn’t tell me was all the payments I made directly into her account they never countered for. So I had to prove I made those payments, hence the bank statements with proof. in that time my child left full time Education and I still have had no reply from January and I have been calling them to resolve it, to no avail.
  2. Please can someone help, I have been pulling my hair out with the CSA since January this year, I have been waiting for them to review my case regards my payments and overpayments and in that time my child well now 18 has left full time Education. I have now tried to get them to look at my overpayments and either tell me if I owe or they owe me. Due to me changing jobs and my basic changed for the previous years. I have chased called spent loads of hours on the phone to either be neither better off understanding or phone being cut off after ringing for over 30 mins each call. Please can you help, I have been trying to get information on my CSA overpayments from the CSA and they have not responded since January of this year. in that time my son has left full time education and I have asked them to get in touch. one so I don’t have to pay anymore and two, to look at the overpayments I have made due to arrears on my account. For each case no one has responded to say yes you don’t need to pay and two you have overpaid, which I have provided bank statements Of payments I have made. please help
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