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  1. Yep. Seems fine but you can never tell, really, unless you get it checked. Garage seems fine but again, doesn't mean much. Sounds like I should just get it on finance...
  2. Hi all, I am in the process of purchasing a £40k used XC90. It has 55k miles on it. The seller is Trinity Motors, Halifax. They have been very amicable so far and I haven't had any issues. I am based in London. The price of the car is right, it has an 18 month Arnold clark warranty (the usefulness of which I won't ask to debate here), all the specs etc. We have agreed on a price and they are asking for a £1000 bank transfer for deposit to reserve - fine. I am NOT financing the car. I am putting about £12k on a debit card and then rest by bank transfer - at their request. I am a little nervous about transferring a large amount of cash by BACS - even just on a fraud basis. On companies house the company is about 1 year old. On Auto Trader they have 25 5 star reviews reaching back 1 year but no further. They have lots of cars for sale on their website. They do offer finance as well. I am not particularly suspicious but I want to know what my options are. Should I ask to put £101 on a CC so I can get Section 75 protection? (I've just read it doesn't cover over 30k)... Should I abandon ship? I am aware of the limitations of buying a car quite far from where I live but I am willing to deal with that. Thanks in advance.
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