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  1. Hi all, Roko, Unfair extension of contract. - Page 2 - Gyms and Health Clubs - Consumer Action Group I've had a very similar experience! My gym, Anytime Fitness, froze my membership due to COVID without my agreement. The 'commitment end date' was March this year, but they are expecting payment to continue to complete the original 12 month agreement. I've cancelled the membership and DD, but have been fretting a little bit. I gave well over a months notice and gave my reasons that I felt contact was frustrated and there was nothing in the contract holding me to it beyond the original end date. The director disagreed and refused to 'release me'. I've made a stand, as Mr Snuffles said they could potentially keep you tied in for years. Looking at this thread I'll probably get some threatening emails etc. but I should be all clear???
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