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  1. I don't have any other debts or anything on my credit file. My credit score is good to excellent. Its always been this way. So this a letter of claim then? Your initial advice was to ignore and wait for a letter of claim . Little confusing,
  2. So to clarify under the tape is just my name and address and amount owed. So to clarify is the advice to ignore this letter and wait to see if I get a letter titled 'letter of claim' or follow the advice in your most recent post above?. Regards
  3. I haven’t blanked anything out. Only with that blue tape.
  4. Thanks very much. Is my attached letter definitely not a letter of claim? I have moved several times since then
  5. Hi there, Thank you for your replies. I have uploaded the PDF of the letter. There is some other paperwork in there regarding how to pay and dispute etc. Nowhere does it mention letter before action or something similar. Yes it is regarding the training bond. I noticed there is another thread on here from 2020 advising to ignore such letters. Any advice is greatly appreciated Regards CST LAW 2.pdf
  6. Hi there I have recieved this letter in the post, it is not titled Letter before action or similar. Says our client may proceed with court action and that CST law them self has the right to issue court proceedings if i ignore the letter. is this safe to ignore please?
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