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  1. Are they allowed to do that, pra have stated they will accept full final settlement to cover the debt, the account will be closed. They can still sell it on? This cant be right, surely fca have to have a word? The debt is less than 3 years old, cca is pointless in my view..
  2. Full and final settlement means the remaining debt cant be sold on? Is that true?
  3. Thank you for your email. We are happy to accept £****** to clear the balance on this account. Paying this amount will be accepted as a full and final settlement on the account, which means your account will be closed and we will not contact you again about it. If appropriate, your credit file will show as ‘Default Partially Satisfied’ when you make a settlement, instead of ‘Default Satisfied’ if you have paid the account in full. If you are looking to pay this by bank transfer, please use the below details; Bank Transfer / Cash Payment **Remember to quote your reference** Royal Bank of Scotland Sort Code: 16 00 02 & Account Number: 21117336 This offer is available until 20 July 2021; if you want to accept it, please contact us to set it up. I have put your account on hold for 30 days; during this time we will not contact you about this account. Your account is on hold till 22 July 2021. If we don’t hear back from you during this time, it may result in further steps being taken to resolve your account. For more information please call us on 0808 196 5550 . You can let us know, by: replying to this email; or calling us on 0808 196 5550 . Yours sincerely --------------- So its a full final settlement, the balance will be 0? Im assuming remaining balance wont be sold on?
  4. hmmm, if i CCA will that reset SB clock if they provide me with paperwork? i thought if i get f/f settlement in writing the remaining balance will be written off so how will they reset the SB clock, like Godmother and Andy stated at the time of the application? no i was accepted based on credit rating.
  5. I took out cc in 2016 so its recent, that cant be unenforceable.
  6. Thanks Andy and Godmother. So if i email and state i have received your offer of 65% discount, i am prepared to consider the offer if the offer is full and final settlement and the full balance is written off. Please can you confirm via letter. This will not restart the SB clock? Also if they email back and state its full and final is that good enough proof or does it have to be a letter?
  7. So if i ring them up and say is the 65% discount full and final, this will not restart the clock? as this will imply i acknowledge the debt.
  8. They emailed me, but my concern is if i query it and they say no it doesnt then the sb clock restarts doesnt it?
  9. Its not an old debt, they state they will close my account but that will not stop em selling it on will it. Now if i query it this will restart the SB clock, so im hesitant.
  10. I took it out in 2016. My question is about the wording of the offer?
  11. Not made any paymemts to it since default.
  12. No i havent made any payments to them. Mbna quickly sold on the debt to pra, within 6 months of default. Debt is close to 7k. Thanks for response..
  13. Hi new to the board, I have an old MNBA debt around 3 years old, PRA group have purchased it and time to to they send these offers for my account to be closed, my concern is they are trying to make me admit debt and it doesn't state it will be full and final settlement just that the account will be closed, will they sell it on for the remainder, the discount is 65%? heres the wording: 65.00% discount on your account There is the option of 65.00% discount available if it would help you manage your account: Please note this offer will expire on Monday 22nd June 2021 Use your discount in 3 easy steps: Log in online using your name, date of birth and postcode (or reference number & password from a PRA letter) Select your MBNA Limited account and click 'make a one-off payment' Enter £*** and pay by debit card We will do the rest and send you a letter to confirm your account is closed. If appropriate, your credit file will be updated to show you have made a payment. However, paying this amount will not look as positive on your credit file as paying off your balance in full would. There are other options too, so get in touch to discuss what else you can do.
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