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  1. Yes the letter states they have taking over just the collection of the debt. Have no intention of stopping my token payment as this will probably cause me more problems in the long run then as definitely do not want a ccj. I just wanted to know if after all this time of paying the token payment the likelihood of them attempting to give me one when I continue to pay a token payment each month.
  2. It was for an HSBC personal bank loan of 20k Was passed onto metropolitan collection services which agreed the £1 payment plan and have paid them every month since and they have left me alone. The new DCA is moorcroft and balance is still roughly them same. I have always paid the agreed £1 as if I got a ccj I would lose my job.
  3. Yes the £1 per month payment was agreed at the time and happy to continue this as a ccj would stop me from working in my current employment so have always kept to this.
  4. Hello, I have an old debt bank loan from back in 2008 which I defaulted on and was passed on to a debt collection agency back then and I agreed a token payment of £1 per month which I have continued to pay since. Today I have had a letter from a new collection agency stating they have taken the debt on but have not had contact to verify this from the previous one and continue to pay them the £1 per month. This fell off my credit file back in 2014/15 and have continued paying the token payment. I have never been issued with a ccj on this and my question is can this new debt collection agency give me a ccj on this debt after all of this time?
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