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  1. Hi The deposit is refunded! The case with Blue Motor Finance is closed now . Im so relieved and happy that evening finally ended. I will spread the word and hopefully the people will stop buying scrap vehicles from them . Thank you guys!
  2. On 03/07 I received the email asking for bank details. He said we will be refunded ASAP .
  3. We received a call from Blue Motor Finance on 01/07 saying that they are releasing us from responsibility . Then we received an email from Alex asking for bank details so they can refund the deposit. Hopefully soon
  4. Hi I’m sorry for the delay. A month after the purchase of the vehicle we finally have our agreement with Blue Motor Finance cancelled They actually helped a lot with this . We still waiting for the deposit of £200 to be refunded by Chobham Central Garage . Here is a photo of the vehicle Thank you for the help and support! Regards ford-focus.pdf
  5. Hi After so many calls , emails and complaints, “Alex- motor complaint “ said that we can return the car. First they need to inspect the vehicle to ensure that it is returned in its original state and then they will issue refund within 14 days. The thing is that I want the inspection to be done when I leave the car with them and someone to sign . Is there any form that we can fill up and ask them to sign? How can I upload the photos here ? I’m trying to add them but the allowed extensions are pdf, doc, docx, xls, rtf, odt .
  6. Hi Thank you for giving me the full name of this Alex. No problems at all, I took photographs. I would like to thank everyone for all your help and support. I really do appreciate it and without you I don't think I was going to get that far with all this. Thank you once again. I will keep you updated.
  7. Yes, exactly what I find out after research the website motorcomplient.com doesn’t exist. Unfortunately I don’t know any surnames. I’m even not sure if Alex and Nathan are their real names . I’ve just noticed that the receipt( for the deposit ) is from IMPERIAL MOTOR GROUP if that matters.
  8. [email protected] this is the email. I’ve just checked and couldn’t find anything about their “customer service Alex” on https://www.chobhamcentralgarage.co.uk First time we heard from Alex was on the day after we spoke about rejection of the vehicle with Nathan ( who sold the car ) . Then I asked Nathan who is Alex and why he is sending us emails saying that they want to repair the car . Nathan said - this is our customer service. It’s a company represents many other companies as a customer service.
  9. I’ve just received an email from [email protected] “We are dealing with your finance broker in relation to this matter. If you have any questions, please contact them directly.“ This is in response to my email to them yesterday stating that we will take legal actions if they don’t cooperate immediately we will consider legal action against them for breach of our rights and also for treating us unfairly contrary to your statutory duty under regulations developed by the Financial Conduct Authority and Consumer Rights Act 2015. Sorry, could you please tell me how to send article? I really don’t know how.
  10. I sent the link to Daily mail article. I also discussed that with them over the phone. He said that he is not able to comment it as it’s not part of our case . I said - but that shows what kind of fraud companies you deal with . I’m going to email them again today with confirmation of our conversation from yesterday. I will also explain them everything again exactly as you advised me . Fingers crossed Thanks so much for your time and advice.
  11. After my email (stating all of the points you mentioned earlier) to BMF we decided to call them . We spoke with the person who deals with our complaint. I just said everything that I already sent as an email. I asked him why they are doing investigation if my right is to reject the vehicle . He said that they need to give the seller time to sort this out. He also said that the seller is responsible about this situation as much as they are . I’m going to call the Finance Ombudsman on Monday to see if they can help. I told BMF that they have to make immediate arrangements for the removal of the vehicle . I don’t want to be responsible for it as I already said that I’m rejecting it and they have to deal with this. He said that it’s my responsibility until everything sorted out. They received my evidence- report stating the problem . They need now to contact the dealer and advise him to take the car back because we are in our right. I gave them time until Tuesday . However I will keep sending them emails and call them on Monday to see what is going on. I only have the V5C/2.
  12. Hi Thanks so much for your quick response. All of my communication with Blue Motor Finance , Chobham Central Garage and [email protected] is over the email. We called Blue Motor Finance several times but they were not very helpful . Hire agreement is on my husband’s name but I will be the registered keeper if this matters. I have no idea what are their full names because they use only their first name - Nathan and Alex . Vehicle details- Ford Focus Automatic reg.: XXXXXXX 96600 £4300 We paid £200 deposit via visa debit. The rest £4100 we have to pay to Blue motor finance in the next 48 months + interest . The total amount £5489.16. I have already sent an email to Blue Motor Finance ( this morning)with all the points you mentioned previously. I hope this will help. Thank you once again for your help. Should I just wait for their response now or to call them so they can confirm they received my email?
  13. Hi everyone We bought a car 14 days ago From Chobham Central Garage using Blue Motor Finance( hire agreement). Straight away we noticed a problem- judder when the car accelerating between 1st and 2nd gear . We called an automatic gearboxes specialist and he said it’s possibly coming from the gearbox but he doesn’t do this kind of gearboxes . We informed Nathan ( who sold the car) and we was offered to fix the problem . We left the car with him and 2 days later he said that the transmission mount was changed and the car is tested and ready to go . Unfortunately we realised that the problem is still there. he offered us to attend the nearest garage and to find out exactly where problem is and they will cover the cost of repair. we did this and the specialist said he believes the problem comes from faulty clutch in the gearbox but they also don’t do these gearboxes. At this point we decided to reject the car because of the serious problem about which we weren't aware before the purchase. Nathan said , no problem we can do this and he transferred us to “his customer service “ Alex, who contacted us through [email protected] We informed the finance company for our decision and later on they said there will be investigation because the other side ( trader ) wants to repair the car instead . We contacted Citizen Advice and opened a case . Also we was advised to send a letter which said that we want to reject the car under Consumer Rights Act 2015 . Of course Alex said that they are not agree. We contacted The Motor Ombudsman- they can’t help us as the company is not registered with them . Citizen Advice told us the we can send now Letter Before Action ( before take them to the court) . They also said we have to deal with finance company, not the trader because we have hire agreement with them . And here we are … I don’t know what we need to do next . Any advice will be appreciated.
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