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  1. Hi


    I am currently in the process of ending my Moneybarn contract. With roughly 45% of my account paid and some arrears on my account at the start of May I sent them a VT letter. I followed this up with a phonecall to chase the status of this on the 19th of May. During the phonecall their agent spent a great deal of time trying to convince me to make a payment plan to keep hold of the vehicle which I declined and asked them to proceed with the VT


    Two days later on the 21st I received an email with these attachments:



    Following the Termination Notice in respect of the above Agreement we have now passed
    this Agreement to the following agents.
    Burlington Credit
    Telephone xxxxxxxxx
    Burlington Credit will be in contact with you shortly.
    If the Agent requests the return of the vehicle please make sure the following is made
    available to them:


    I ………………………………………… voluntarily surrender and consent to relinquish
    possession of the above vehicle which is financed under the above agreement by
    Moneybarn No.1 Limited (formerly Duncton No.1 Limited) to ………………………………. as
    agent for Moneybarn No.1 Limited.
    I acknowledge that the Vehicle will be disposed of in accordance with the terms and
    conditions of the agreement between me and Moneybarn and that the proceeds of sale less
    all expenses allowed in the agreement will be credited to my account.
    I understand that the consequence of this could be that the proceeds may not be sufficient to
    pay off the balance owed. This would mean an additional amount will be owed by me.
    I confirm that I have removed all personal possessions from the vehicle.
    The following items have been handed to the person collecting the vehicle:


    I have now called them out on the fact that they are trying to force a VS, after a lot of back and forth between managers they are now claiming that my contract was terminated on the 10th of may. This lines up quite well with the date that the VT letter would have been delivered and actioned. It also seems highly unbelievable that the agent who I spoke to on the 19th May was unaware of a termination?


    I have requested transcripts of the call on the 19th and copies of all correspondence and proof of the dated termination.


    I am suspicious that they have ended the agreement after receiving my VT request and are fraudulently forcing this through as a VS. Is this something within the realms of possibility for this company?

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