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  1. I have already written the letter and a follow up complaint letter for my car and one letter for my uncles car.
  2. I never said anybody was scared of me . I will use the appropriate action by way of court and bailiffs. Hopefully trading standards may listen. Who knows ? I'm not a crystal ball reader.
  3. The best part of it is I know Noel Quail . I live a mile away from him. He knows I'm no pushover, hence why he repaired the windscreen washer and attempted the handbrake problem. I'm within my rights as a consumer to reject the vehicle hence requesting my refund . The bushes cost me £70.00 . A diagnostic fee for the warranty that is a waste of paper would have cost £50 so it was easier to get the work done myself
  4. It worries me also with regards to the MOT as one of the repairs wash the windscreen washer wasn’t working so it should have failed surely ? I also paid for new bushes to be done out of my own pocket as the warranty wanted a diagnostic check . Regardless of me being happy or not with the car I’m concerned that I wouldn’t be able to sell the car if I wanted to with the handbrake problem . How would I benefit from getting another mot ? It was a garage separate to the dealer that did the mot
  5. So I have given a response time of 14 days for the first letter and I was contacted by telephone before the 14 days were up . I have now written a follow up complaint letter and I have given 7 days for a response . My next letter warning of intention to go to court I shall give 14 days response time. The car came with a years MOT ask its doesn’t need an MOT till January . I haven’t asked anybody else to look at it and have no estimate for a repair . I the mileage was 16837 and is now 120000 . I paid 2600 for the car
  6. I paid for the car with a debit card so can’t get a chargeback. It’s a Mercedes c220 diesel auto 2008 . The handbrake doesn’t work correctly and hasn’t since I purchased the vehicle. It did have another fault but they repaired that one. They’ve had 3 attempts at the handbrake and it’s still not working correctly. Basically you take the handbrake off and it will show as on on the dash . You can be driving the car and you will get a flash in the dash release parking brake . It’s an intermittent problem. My family member has also written a letter . At the end of the seven days if I’ve had no response I will write again before I take action in the small claims court
  7. I have written twice to the garage using the template from CAB . Noel Quail called me via telephone and said i wasn't getting a refund. I responded with a follow up complaint letter which he will receive today as it was special delivery postage. I have given him 7days to reply and to only reply in writing.
  8. I bought a car just under 6 months ago. It had faults when i collected it and the guy Noel at the garage said he would have it repaired . I realise now i should have rejected the vehicle and stood my ground. It had a 1 fault was repaired the other was allegedly repaired but it wasnt as he has now had 3 attempts to repair it and the problem is still ongoing. I have written to the garage only to be told do I think I'm getting a refund , its nearly 6 months since you purchased . I was given a useless warranty and he keeps referring me back to it. A family member also purchased a vehicle same time as me and between us we spent £7000, his vehicle has problems and he asked for it to be repaired also fobbed off and tld to speak to warranty company. The company doesn't cover the fault and the vehicle has driven less than 2000 miles since purchase. I can see this will end up in court . I don't think this man expects me to take it further.
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