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  1. It did occur to me - could I write to the Courts? Is this who the solicitor would contact if I was selling my house? Thank you
  2. No - I haven't got those. I did find this site - would that be an advisable method? TrustOnline Search SEARCH.TRUSTONLINE.ORG.UK Thank you again for your support.
  3. Please can you advice me who to write to - to get the information on these two charges. Thank you
  4. Is it possible though before I sell to find out exactly what the debts compiled of? Is it possible to come to an arrangement before I sell that could save some money?
  5. I want to sell my house and not to purchase another. I have just obtained a copy of my Title from Land Registry. I have 2 charges on my property. I want to deal with these if I can in the most cost-effective way. I should have dealt with all this before BUT at the time I was just not mentally able to. I was in an accident in 2007 which resulted in a fractured skull, it affected and still does affect my memory and I suffered from depression for several years. At the same time my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and went onto to receive five years of treatment. My recovery took a long time, my business suffered and ceased. I see the Land Registry use my parents address on the Title Registry, where in fact I stayed for some time. This is not a concern, but I am not sure where any correspondence went to. Would it be possible to – (a) Request details of how these amounts were accrued before I sell my house? (b) Also would it be possible to ask if a settlement figure could be agreed if the amounts do not seem justified? They are described as below - 1. (22.01.2010) Equitable charge created by an interim charging order of …. County Court dated 17 December 2009 in favour of Lloyds TSB Plc. 2. (15.01.2015) Equitable charge created by an interim charging order of the ….County Court dated 3 December 2014 in favour of Lowell Portfolio I Limited Re: Lowell Financial Limited (Court Reference …..) Any advice would be really appreciated – thank you.
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