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  1. Housing Association applied for Injunction to stop very small harmless pet dog visiting even though i am not the dogs owner & can prove so , as that owner will say so!


    The dog has spent less than 5% of his time with me with exception to a period after owner had a Stroke, over  a year ago.


    Nasty neighbour is making false reports & Pally with housing agents who will accuse me with no evidence possible. Its ridiculous .

    There IS no dog here yet im liable for costs if case goes against me although i cant see how. 


     I was served injunction Application papers 2days ago & it contained a note from a cleaner , who i see regularly friendly, saying i mess his cleaning & cause damage. Its untrue & i believe has been coerced by a landlord agent but im at a loss. 


    I dont see why landlord would take a tenant to court without first confirming it, but they take the reports as gospel & disregard my clear counter evidence.

     I gave nasty neighbour a piece of mind once so see her motive , but why is landlord (L&Q) lying. I dont know but  dishonestly Trying to form eviction grounds is viper's nest wrong & i need to tell & ask someone.... Please HELP!

     what to do??



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