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  1. Parcel2Go have responded see below. Do I respond back informing them that they.ie Hermes and Parcel2Go have been negligent or proceed to a small claims. They have simply refunded the cost postage.
  2. Thank you and I will check it. I will let you know the response should I receive any from Parcel2Go
  3. Many thanks for your input. I have not sent the letter before court at this moment in time. However I would like your input to establish if the letter reads well prior to posting. Thank you Letter before court.pdf
  4. Please can I seek assistance in making a claim against Parcel2Go - The full circumstances are as follows - I successfully sold my old mountain bike via Ebay for over £200.00 and used the portal Parcel2Go and selected Hermes. The bike was packaged in a full size box from Halfords secured with tape and the Hermes label printed off and secured to the box. At the time of paying for the cost for the courier I elected to select no additional cover for loss or damage (reason for this was how can you lose a large box, how wrong was I). The full cost of the bike was however declared when booking the courier. The bike was collected from my home address by the courier on 14th May and after a short time I decided to check were the bike was and via the Hermes tracking facility it stated - We’ve got your parcel and we are processing it I raised a query with Hermes who said they would look into the matter and eventually received notification that the parcel was missing. I queried how can it can go missing and asked them to provide me with the address for the local depot along with asking what enquiries have been conducted, no response received to these questions. Eventually they responded to say that I must go through Parcel2Go after I sent them further messages. Therefore I contacted Parcel2Go submitting a claim for loss / compensation, they asked for specifics including a detailed description of the item and the size of the box it was posted in. After the elected date nothing was heard from them so I sent a prompting email and eventually I received notification from them saying that the parcel was missing and due to the fact that I had not elected for additional cover for loss there would be no compensation and the matter was closed. There has been no explanation from either party as to how the package has gone missing or what investigation has been carried out and neither party has supplied me with the local depot address. I have informed Hermes that suspect foul play possible theft, no response. I have written a letter of intent and I would like your opinion on the content before it is posted to Parce2Go. I am willing to pursue the matter. My arguement is this. I accept that I have not elected to pay for additional cover and I would even accept that if the bike were delivered and went missing at the recipients end that I would not have a leg to stand on for a claim. But for a parcel, a large parcel that is not easily mislaid to go missing whilst in Hermes possession is a clear case of negligence on Hermes behalf. I have digested part of the consumer rights act and also read through some of the terms and conditions of Parcel2Go and the main argument I have is that a parcel, of some size has been lost therefore the following has not been adhered to - Extract from the consumer rights act: “Every contract to supply a service is to be treated as including a term that the trader must perform the service with reasonable care and skill.” I look forward to your response.
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