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  1. I received the license back yesterday with a stamp stating process finished. When you get a letter threatening prosecution one has to assume worst case scenarios. Its natural to assume after a period of three weeks that the license is lost in the post. There clearly is a backlog at HMCS which is going to affect a lot of people who may end up being prosecuted through the magistrate court for no reason other than an admin delay.
  2. Like to update. just received an email confirming my licence has been endorsed and returned by HMCS on 10/6/21. I think a bit more time is needed so people are not caused undue stress. Its also cost me a replacement licence in an attempt to avoid court action.
  3. Something pricked my mind yesterday so I did apply for a replacement license but can take two weeks.I’ll ring North Wales Camera unit tomorrow and ask them to request a search. im thinking the more I get them to do the longer they have to hold the process. mid it comes to going to court it’s more to add in mitigation. Could I be wrong?
  4. Holding my hands up I was a naughty boy driving a transit van along the A55 in Wales in February and exceeded 60mph in what I thought was a 70mph zone. ( all to do with the weight of the van). When I realised the error of my way I took the fine and sent my licence off by Royal Mail. Yesterday I received a letter from North Wales Police saying that I was now being prosecuted in court for failing to surrender my licence. I paid the fine as soon as I received the £100 penalty letter and carefully read the form ( which is confusing to say the least) and immediately took a walk to the post box and sent my licence off. In hindsight I’m a fool for believing that the licence would get to the HMCS in Loughborough without the need to track and trace the letter. I still believe that Royal Mail hasn’t lost the letter with my licence in it as I have never had any other letter go astray. I believe the licence is with HMCS it’s just not yet been processed probably due to Covid backlog. Seems Covid is to blame for everything these days. How can I avoid this going to court? I’ve never had a speeding ticket in over thirty years of driving or any other ticket hence why I was keen to comply with the ticket and send my licence off as instructed.
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