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  1. Evening all, I have an odd one here. I'm planning to call the DVLA first thing I'm the morning, but wondered if anybody more informed than myself could weigh-in on my particular situation. I returned from work this evening to find my car clamped by the DVLA. The reason being (according to the giant yellow sticker also attached) "Untaxed Vehicle". For the last 3 years, the tax has been paid by a monthly direct debit (£20), which has always automatically renewed every September. So, after checking the DVLA site to confirm it is untaxed, I've checked my online banking and although the Direct Debit is still live, DVLA have not requested it since September. Following this, I checked the automated renewal email from August 2019, and it states at the bottom: "When it is time to renew your vehicle tax: Your vehicle tax should renew automatically and we will send a new payment schedule. You do not need to wait for us to take the first payment before you use the vehicle on the road." Finally, sorry to state the obvious, but we are now in June. Between September and now, I haven't received one email or letter from DVLA advising me my vehicle is untaxed. Not one. All of this aside, when I leave for work in the morning (in a company van) I block my drive with my car, to prevent others parking on it (we live opposite a cemetery and this is quite common during funeral's for the traveller community). So now, my clamped car is blocking my drive, so I am having to park my company van down the road. I've got no problem back-dating the tax payments to September, despite (IMO) this being a fault on DVLA's part, but I really object to paying the £100 to remove the clamp. I'm also reading about additional fines for the unpaid period, could I also be hit with these? Thank you for reading, and i'd appreciate any advice offered.
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