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  1. Sorry, the original builder used a scaffolding company to put it up as they have an account with them. They said they would leave it up for the new builder to use, my issue is whether the scaffolding company would be happy with that arrangement etc. But also the new builder wants it removed so they can put their scaffolding up instead. I asked for a refund of scaffolding costs from the original builder but he refuses as he insists their scaffolding can be used.
  2. The first builder who never completed the job did put it up through a scaffolding company yes. I believe insurance has a lot to do with it if the new builder just used it and something happened such as an accidental without the scaffolding company being aware that their client was no longer using it. I will definitely name and shame when it's reached a conclusion.
  3. Thank you for clarifying. I have emailed the new builder and asked them to state what is inadequate with the scaffolding so will see what comes of that. Your right and it did cross my mind are they insisting on their scaffolding in order to make more money. Hopefully it can be sorted My worry is that the new builder wouldn't be covered by the scaffolding company's insurance as it wasn't supplied for them in the first instance.
  4. Hi, I am not comfortable naming and shaming at this stage yet, what is the name needed for please? Sorry I am new to this group and just trying to understand. The old builders costs included the erecting and removal of the scaffolding as he has a contract with that company. The £1500 is for the supply of the new builders scaffolding.
  5. Hi I paid just under £4000 for the prelims including scaffolding. By bank transfer (yes I know). There is no money outstanding as the job was stopped and work removed as it was not good (builders choice to remove it all and start again). But he can't get anyone to do the work. The cost of another scaffolding is quoted at £1500 from the new builder. I just want a refund of the current scaffolding costs including VAT.
  6. Hello. A builder started a two week job on my house on 4 May, to date it has still not been completed. This is due to the originals works were unsatisfactory which was exterior carpentry and plastering of my house. Things were missed and the carpentry was sub standard. The builder decided to rip it all out again and now cannot provide anyone to restart and complete the job. He told me he couldn't find anyone and asked me if I could ask my builder neighbour to sub contract to him to do the works. I asked my neighbour who then said he wouldn't sun contract but was interested in taking the job o
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