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  1. Thank you @unclebulgaria67! I have her contact details as her full name and phone number, but she's ignoring me completely. I know this is still her number as I messaged her through whatssapp and I can see she's read the message and her profile picture is still the same. I have old messages from her saying the amount, the number of sessions and the date we started. Not sure what else can I do to get this money back?
  2. Hi, Prior the lockdown I had a membership with Fitness First and I had purchased 10 sessions with a Fitness First Personal Trainer. I only managed to have 5 of those sessions before the lockdown. I had to cancelled my gym membership since I've had to move places during the pandemic. I would like to get a refund for the 5 unused PT sessions, but the PT is not answering any of my messages. At Fitness First they say the PTs are self-employed so they cannot help me nor put me in contact with her because she doesn't work anymore at Fitness First. I don't have any contract (since I thought my contract with Fitness First was enough as they were the ones who offered me the PT sessions at their gym, and who put me in contact with this person). I do have proof of payments and transcripts from her messages talking about the prices and how to pay her, etc. Do I have any chances or rights to get my money back from these 5 unused sessions? Thank you! J
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