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  1. Thank you @unclebulgaria67! I have her contact details as her full name and phone number, but she's ignoring me completely. I know this is still her number as I messaged her through whatssapp and I can see she's read the message and her profile picture is still the same. I have old messages from her saying the amount, the number of sessions and the date we started. Not sure what else can I do to get this money back?
  2. Hi, Prior the lockdown I had a membership with Fitness First and I had purchased 10 sessions with a Fitness First Personal Trainer. I only managed to have 5 of those sessions before the lockdown. I had to cancelled my gym membership since I've had to move places during the pandemic. I would like to get a refund for the 5 unused PT sessions, but the PT is not answering any of my messages. At Fitness First they say the PTs are self-employed so they cannot help me nor put me in contact with her because she doesn't work anymore at Fitness First. I don't have any contract (s
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