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  1. I know they can’t I mean the payday loan company can if they ask them to remove it
  2. Could it not hurt me because payday loan company will say why did you put hoilday as a reason.(when real reason was I gave all my money to gambler, after so many lies him being really nice harrsing me etc and he helped me apply for payday loans, so he could also gamble more), and I didn’t realise how bad it is for mortgages,
  3. No defaults or late payments on any payday loans. what I’m worried about is amount of payday loans I had my score at the momment is 620, as defult was put in error but now removed but I’m a few months will be 753 or more.
  4. 17 payday loans all paid of early.(5 with sunny so may be able to remove them) Last one paid off June 2020 Any case I can get these removed and I was manipulated and groomed by a gambler who harassed me and always promised to pay every penny back., I blocked him from everything once it dawn on me what’s he doing, after seeking help. I have crime ref number and evidence in WhatsApp chats then again is it worth it as they would say why did you put holiday as reason then I didn’t realise payday loans were that bad for mortgages otherwise wouldn’t have touched them. When will be a good chance to get mortgage if my credit rating very good and just 2 loans total 4k. if I get one this year I can put deposit between 5-10k End of Next year deposit about 20k (and no loans on my file) House price 100-170k My salary 950 a month outgoings 300-400 (including debt repayments) a month End of Next year salary will be 1500 a month outgoing 200-300
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