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  1. Ok guys thanks for the info, il start on the CCA requests when I get home tonight. I will keep yous updated. thanks
  2. Hi dx thanks for your reply. Yes all the credit was taking out in Scotland at my address I’m currently in. The last payment on each account would be more or less the default dates, I tried to set up repayment plans initially but after about a month I stopped as I wasn’t managing as my wages where all over the place due to lack of work. The Capital one debts I thought had defaulted at an earlier date but I’m just going with the dates that are on my credit file (clearscore +karma). Do I just carry on as I am doing then? (Ignoring all correspondence) although I will start filing all paperwork I get. thanks again for your time dx.
  3. Hi Andy thanks for the quick response. regarding default notices for the debts I believe I did, but not certain. I had a bad habit of destroying all correspondence as soon as it arrived, sometimes not even reading, pathetic I know but I wasn’t in a great place at the time. As for account start dates they are as follows Capital One (£550). October 2016 Capital One (354). June 2016 JD Williams (£2009). August 2015 JD Williams (£265). Jan 2019 Gratton. Plc (£1128) Aug 2014
  4. Hi all, I am hoping I could get some guidance regarding some debts I have, I currently have 5 defaults on my credit file and they are all with Lowell for recovery. I am currently working but after all essentials are paid I have very little left over to offer any payment anyway Basically, I have been burying my head in the sand, binning all letters etc. I will detail the debt amounts below and default dates. Capital one £550, Default Jan 18. Capital one £354, Default Jan 18. JD Williams £2009, Default May 19. JD Williams £265, Default May 19. Gratton plc £128, Default Feb 19. The letters I have been receiving have been civil enough but I suspect this is due to the pandemic and they will become more forceful in near future. I have read on other threads that Lowell regularly take cases to court, so I’m thinking I’ll be one of these due to the fact they have 5 accounts they are chasing me for . Anyway I want to look to the future and find out what would be the best way forward for me, I worry they will take me to court and get a decree which will stay on my file for another six years(??). I hope I have posted this in correct area and that it makes sense lol. Thanks in advance for any advice
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