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  1. Sure, here's what i sent. The SAR was standard from the template but with the addition of stipulating im sending the CT bill as a means of avoiding wasting time of them asking for ID. The letter i sent was, and honestly i was under the impression that the letters were't to be posted on the forum publically, so that's the only reason i didn't send without vetting, and actually when i went to DM you personally last night with it the message function wasn't working so i just rolled with it. anyway here it is, "Dear CST LAW, I write in response to your so-called “
  2. Before i go and get pictures (whenever that is) i thought i'd attempt to look at the signage from Bridgwater ST Deansgate ECP on google maps this image is from Nov 20 so still unsure how recent the signs are or if they're the same, one thing that i noticed though, i'll type it up cos the resolution is awful. "In relation to your information you have the right to request us to inform you what we hold, give you access to you information, rectify correct information, delete your information, restrict our use, transfer a copy electronically and object to our use" The issue i have
  3. I did, got both sent off. Hopefully i don't hear anything from CST. Two things onwards from that, best course of action if they do go ahead? What do i do if Euro don't respond to the SAR? I'm gonna go and look at the signage tomorrow, i have a feeling they might have been changed since two years ago.
  4. Due to there being two infringments, shall i do one or two snotty letters? I'm thinking if i put both on one they might just bring the hammer down, whereas send two letters with single infringements then might be overlooked? If you get me.
  5. I've put "Note!! My address is XXXXXXX, please update these details. " so as to not insinuate i know the location the previous PCN's went to. Also in my letter to CST, at current i've put I have received no notification of said breaches and gone on to say until i have sight of those i can't comment any further. I understand that this might result in them sending me more in the future but at least i buys me time while my SAR comes through and i can see what the alleged breaches are. I'll be honest, ill weigh up the initial fees for the contraventions if they hold any
  6. Yeh they are, and yeh unless they're complete apes you'd thinks so right, stranger things have happened.
  7. Just a quick one, am i putting the PCN numbers where it says 'Account/Ref Number' on the SAR?
  8. @honeybee13Ahh yej, i was on that page with my pohone but shifted to my desktop, found the expanded bit now with template so i'll crack on with that. Useful info about the CCJ as well thanks!!
  9. Cool ok I’ll start the motions with the SAR today then, I’ve just been to the hyperlinked page to read through SAR’s in general and can’t find the template for them on there for some reason? In relation the the letter, as I have 5 days to reply, i suppose it is safe for me to assume that really I need to posting that letter out tomorrow latest, to allow for post time. I can get proof of postage of course but it does say in the letter to allow for postage time, is that just a threat? It’s also been mentioned in other posts that nobody has been taken to court yet off of
  10. Cool!! So you’re saying that because I’m receiving a Letter before Claim that any form of CCJ won’t exist yet right, because at this stage it’s the threat of legal action, I’ve not arrived at the point of receiving a court judgement. As for the invoices, there weren’t any tickets paid for on the aforementioned car park and thus as the keeper of the vehicle I received two PCN’s as a result.
  11. Thx for the reply, I’ve been reading some of the snotty letters and weighing up what’s best for me. By being in the ‘wrong’ do you mean by not informing creditors of new address or insinuating they believe I’m wrong, I do worry reading about backdoor ccj, is there a way to find out whether that’s the case and whether or not it’s in my credit history, cos if that’s the case would it not be better to just pay than be tarnished with 6 years of that on my file? Or is it too late for that now.
  12. Hi folks, looking for some help on a response to this letter before claim. I’ll post a redacted photo of the letter in its entirety, short story is I received two PCN’s from the same carpark in 2019 of which I have ignored since. At that time the PCN and warnings were sent to my parents address (not sure if relevant) and I kept ignoring the letters and instructed parents to not let up on where I was living should they be asked, like you do. Anyway, cut to now and this Letter Before Claim has arrived at MY address, meaning they’ve obtained that somehow? Anywa
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