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  1. They did send someone out but no one was in at the time, they left a note to call them and also sent me a text message saying I needed to contact them urgently
  2. Thanks for the reply yes all my address are shown on my credit file, my previous address (parents) which I lived at since 6 months ago & my current rental property it just strange that all of a sudden when making the mortgage application this pops up like they have knowledge something is happening should I contract them to tell them this debt is no longer collectable or just leave them to it? thanks again
  3. Hi sorry if this has been done to death But i am in all sorts of panic & my stress levels are through the roof Last week I got a letter in the post asking about a debt from a mobile phone company from arrow global resolvecall & I’ve revived a second letter this week saying an agent will be making a visit to my property I no longer live at the property that is my parents house but I do still have some mail sent to the address so I’m always told when i have Mail now at first I wondered what it was as I have had no debts & my credit score Is good I looked into this abit further and it’s from orange phone contract this is a debt and my only debt I had when I was young and lost my job through redundancy, when I say young I mean as far back as 2006, I contacted orange at the time and asked if I had an option for reducing the deal or even cancelling and sending the phone back, which they said couldn’t happen, I didn’t even use the phone I had a ccj on my file for this debt as I couldn’t pay which was removed around 5 years ago, when this was removed I thought that was me starting a fresh with the file as I have not heard anything since the ccj was put on my file so about 11 years I started a mortgage application last month and for this to come up out the blue after this amount a time is so strange & is really affecting me as I’m now worried it might have an affect on my mortgage application is this allowed? what can I do? any help would be greatful thanks
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