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  1. looking for advice i had a policy with autonet for 2 vehicles, one i took out before buying car and one was a renewal and having issues with them both.


    (policy A) i took ill and asked a friend to cancel this for me,  which never happened the D/D ran for about 4 months before i got round to cancel this policy, and due to ill health never purchased the car, i have sent a copy of the log book from the owner to show its still in their name and waiting for them to get back to me as they want a cancelation fee


    (policy B) i was not aware the policy would renew automatically, and neither did i receive any renewal notice, first i became aware of this, upon receiving an text message from finance company telling of new D/D being taken, so this was cancelled within the required time.


    I phoned Automat and informed them i had not asked for it to be renewed, and neither did i receive any renewal notice, the cars mot ran out at the start of the year and also was sorned.


    I had no intentions of using this company again as the customer service and ethics don't quite feel right, and they do seem to get a lot of bad reviews, anyway i informed them i did not want to renew the policy and they informed me it would have to be cancelled with no way in reinstating it, which was fine with me as i won't be using this company again.


    They have now said i owe them £130 for cancelling the policy, even though they have no authorisation from me or anything signed from me for this renewal, but are still demanding i pay this or they will just go ahead and take it off my debit card anyway.


    The policy had ran for 3 weeks before i realised, it was the text message that i realised and cancelled the D/D with close brothers immediately.

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


    I believe the policy last year to insure the car was cheaper than the cancellation fee, is an older car that does not get use much 

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