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  1. Many thanks , yes you are spot on. The very fact that I had received the first letter , even though it was a week later , I could have then quickly paid the outstanding £75 but didn't. Even if they eventually redirected it to another address the £235 would still be valid too... What a nightmare. They CDER are earning some serious money for doing almost nothing. Your comments much appreciated, so thanks.
  2. I see, totally understand now.. Many thanks for your detailed info. I paid the court directly because at that point I hadn't seen or received any letter from anyone. I just paid on their automated line. It was the following week I was passed the letter the bailiff firm had posted to my old address regarding notification of the £75 fee via new owners of the property. (This is the letter I ignored, as I believed I had already paid. ( there was never a letter from the court) Maybe my only defence is that the warrant was issued in an incorrect and not current address? And that therefore I never received proper delivery of either the initial £75 demand and then the £235 one? Fines office said as the warrant hadn't been paid in full (i.e the £75 added bailiff fee which forms part of the warrant), the visit at £235 is legitimate as the warrant is still live. They said the address on the warrant is irrelevant apparently, even tho it was wrong.
  3. Hi, sorry it's a bit misleading, the 'chase letter' was infact a bailiff letter, advising £75 added to the debt. So in order: I paid the court fine off in full 1 day. Following week I'm passed a letter from new owners of my old address advising that a letter was received. I read it and I thought as I had already paid the fine there was nothing more to worry about. 2 weeks later bailiff posts another letter thru door of old address and the bill is now plus an enforcement visit of £235. So £310. Just spoken other day to court fines office they say no refund due as the £75 not paid. CDER group disregarded complaint saying that's the address we were given... Don't know what steps to take next...maybe only recourse is chargeback the £235 on credit card....?? I can stomach the £75... I guess the question is once a warrant has been paid in full, which it was, can the bailiff continue enforcement in order to rack up more fees?
  4. I don't think 4 form wld be appropriate as I think that only deals with the bailiff himself and he was only acting on his firms instructions, so I doubt it wld go anywhere. Wld be interested to see what happens if they received a claim in the county court Fines office complaint may work
  5. Dave? Because they are a private ltd company surely not immune from the court system , otherwise there's no route to get anything resolved
  6. I only have a phone call to the fines office on my phone bill , that's the only proof. In any event yesterday I had to pay the £310 not before notification to them of the situation but CDER weren't interested , just wanted the money of course, but new occupiers getting a bit mad over it so didn't really have a choice... So now it's 14 day county court notification to CDER to reclaim. Yes DVLA have new address as do council, bank etc etc Many thanks for your help!
  7. Thanks DX. Sounds good. Is that a precedent set? If so I'll hit them with that and try to find either some relevant legislation , or case history...
  8. Many thanks for your responses guys. The fines office are saying my address has not been updated, despite me informing them back in March. The first CDER enforcement letter was dated the same day I paid the remainder of the fine in full to the court fines office. 24th May. So essentially it crossed. The CDER letter stated a compliance fee of £75.00 As I received that letter passed to me from new owners of the property after I had paid the fine only in full, I thought that would be the end of it. Now as of today, 4th June, CDER want the £75.00 compliance fee plus a visit today of £235.00, with apparently more fees and enforcement to come if I don't pay....threatening to take goods for their fees. I can obviously prove I had moved as on electoral role and paying council tax at my new address. It's out and out fraud as far as I can see but I'm thinking I just have to pay then issue proceedings to recover No, never received anything.. both letters and the visit was at my old address
  9. Hoping someone could give some urgent advice. Had a court fine for speeding, and paid after a chase letter from the court. The fine was apparently already passed to CDER group who added £75 and now after delivery of a letter to my old address another £235! CDER group now want £310 on a debt that's been paid. Is that legitimate? can they keep adding fees on fees just to create debt? Any urgent advice greatfully received!.... Thank you.
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