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  1. This is what UPS have sent me, Dear Kritesh, Good day and thank you for your e-mail. Your concern for the parcel is understandable. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. However, as per checking it shows that shipper on record is Parcelhero that you need to communicate with them the result of the investigation. Due to data protection laws and the contract agreed by the shipper, the results of any claim with UPS will only be communicated to the shipper of record. Your understanding and patience are highly appreciated. I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy during these difficult times. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know. Keep safe always. Rose D. UPS Customer Support
  2. Thank you very much for your advice I will read through forums and decide what to do might need your help on what step to take next.
  3. Thanks for reply, the item was a second hand item which cost me £350, brand new cost about £600, the package was provided by the sender. The sender has been most cooperative and did his best in terms of packaging and is supporting me to get this sorted. Also it was me who booked the service and paid for the delivery, the seller only packed the item.
  4. I bought the item so technically it's my item and then I arranged my own courier to pick it up from the sender's address.
  5. This was a purchase, through eBay, the seller did not want to post, it was collection only, so I asked if I could arrange a courier to pick the item up and pay for the postage which I did through the parcel hero. I arranged the parcel to be collected from the sender's address records to my address.
  6. Hi, please see attached photos. Thanks 02efd528.pdf 72ff7616.pdf fe9f4190.pdf bd16f45b.pdf 24cd0e31.pdf
  7. Hi, thanks for your reply, apologize for not being clear enough, Heineken blade a beer dispenser machine click on link for more info BLADE | For professional draught beer at home WWW.BEERWULF.COM BLADE pours a pub authentic pint anywhere and anytime. Plug in your machine and you're ready to draught... Parcel Hero and UPS have both got back to me and said the package was not packaged correctly so they can't refund me the money for the item. I booked through the Parcel Hero website, UPS must be their partner. Who deliver the service for them. The package was packed in a hard plastic container with bubble wrap inside and sealed from outside. I just think that UPS driver should have refused to collect it it was not packed correctly.
  8. Hi, I really need help, I booked up for a parcel to be collected from sender's address and to be delivered to my address by UPS on the Parcel Hero website, I have been told by Parcel Hero that my parcel has be damaged and disposed by UPS, which was the heineken blade beer machine which I bought for £350, I also paid for extra enhanced cover incase of any damages etc, now they rejecting my claim and saying my parcel was not packaged properly and cannot pay me for the item. I'm just worried because they damaged and destroyed it withouth asking me they did not send the damaged item back either. I have asked for photos of it being damaged and being disposed but no replies. I don't know what to do, anyone can help me please. Thank you
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