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  1. Thank you for your detailed response. I declared photo frames and Hermes never gave the option to declare photo frames with or without glass. If they had done, I would have selected glass.
  2. I declared the items as photo frames. It didn’t ask me to state glass or no glass. Yes value of £60 I think Hermes assumes photo frames includes glass automatically hence it’s on the above list. Thanks
  3. Copied from Hermes website No Protection items: The following items (or any item similar in description or content) can only be carried on a no protection basis on any service. Any person sending such an item does so at their own risk: Amber Antique Bottles Bulbs Ceramics/Figures/Figurines China/Porcelain Clock Coffee Machines Computer Monitor/Imac Crockery/Pots/Pottery Crystal Delicate Items Detergent Diamonds Documents Fiberglass Fish Tank Fishing Rods Fragile Items (all) Framed Painting/Photograph Gems or gemstones Glass/Glassware Hamper Lampshades Lenses Marble Microscope Microwave Mirror Ornament Over Head Projector Packaging/Media Packaging Pewter Figures Picture Frames Poster Precious Metals (Gold/Silver/Platinum Etc.) Print Projector Real Fur Resin Scanner Sewing/Knitting Machine Shower Screen SIM Cards Stoneware Suitcases/ Flightcases (Not acceptable as packaging) Television Tiles Torches Turntables Vase Velux Vermiculite Board Watch Yes items declared as photo frames. Glass included Value £60 No extra insurance purchased Sorry it was many months ago and I can’t remember if was asked to declare the value of the items
  4. Hello As per title, Hermes will not refund me for the total cost of items. The contents of the parcel were two photos frames. I am fully aware that these items are classed as prohibited items by Hermes. However, they must have handled the parcel so badly to cause so much damage that they disposed of the frames. The frames were securely wrapped with multiple layers of bubble wrap, then thick cardboard and finally sealed with a parcel bag and fragile tape multiple times. Can I do anything to get a refund? Thank you for your time.
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