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  1. @dx100ukSorry apologies for being slow...but what do you mean by the form will be the result of you contacting the council? Won't the council just refund me before I have to use that form?? Yes I think so the bailiff letter was the NOE
  2. @dx100ukHi, the receipt from the app states my car reg correct. So should I not contact the council for the refund?? do I fill in that form instead? Thanks
  3. Thank you for the response @unclebulgaria67, CCTV would prove I didn't come back to the PCN and buy a parking ticket in an attempt to avoid the PCN. I paid while I was still in my car and then walked off. @dx100ukHi, I didn't receive letters from the council only the one from the bailiffs. I haven't changed address in the last ten years or changed car.
  4. Hi all I am new to this forum as I have just experienced bailiffs clamping my car trying to reclaim £438. On 07.09.21, I parked my car and paid for the parking in full on the app Ringo. However, when I returned to my car a yellow PCN was displayed for allegedly not paying for parking. Please note the PCN shows 18:05 as the alleged contravention time but my receipt shows a timestamp of 18:10, this is because the payment takes a few minutes to process. Admittedly I forgot to appeal the yellow pcn and never received subsequent letters to my home address apart from one bailiff letter which I thought was a joke and only had details to pay-no details to appeal . Today at the crack of dawn a bailiff was clamping my car and then handed me a letter stating I must pay the £438 even when I showed him the parking receipt. He said I must pay or he will be calling his colleagues to tow the vehicle away. My mum had to use her credit card to pay as we have both been off work due to the loss of my dear grandfather a few weeks earlier and I am a uni student. I believe it is completely unjust to be charged £438 for the 5 minutes that the parking app took to process. I would really appreciate any advise on how to get the money back. I have done a bit of reading up as I am new to this all. I have also read about the ten minute grace period mentioned in the Civil enforcement of parking regulations 2007. I am thinking to write to the Council and request this refund and if they refuse do I take it to the small claims court? Please help!!!!!
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