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  1. Thank you all. My letter before action was successful. Regards, hedge_err
  2. Thanks - I will trim down and remove evidence references. So would I append the evidence to the POC?
  3. I'd like to persue this further and I really appreciate the support of this forum. I've done some reading and now attempted draft 1 of the letter of claim. I've attached it as a PDF here:Letter Before Claim v1.pdf Any feedback would be gratefully recieved. I've looked at the Money Claims .gov page and I note they have a new online system. I trust this doesn't change anything.
  4. Thanks very much for your reply. The parcel was a mix of (mostly food-related) things I bought and made-up myself to send to family. The complete list is: tinned food items (15 tins); dried pasta items; coffee; packaged fruit cakes; dried apricots; dried seeds and one over-the-counter medical item. The value is £43.50. I declared the contents as "Dry food" when purchasing the postage on the Hermes website. I also submitted a "proof of value" note to Hermes with itemised contents and values as part of my claim. I had free cover up to £20. The postage cost £12.04. Please find the final correspondance message I recieved from Hermes attached. Final_Hermes_Response.pdf
  5. *advice sought on next steps please!* In March, the parcel I sent via Hermes was initially "lost" for two weeks, and then delivered. The box and contents had been eaten by rats and was covered in rat urine. The recipients then had to dispose of the hazardous remnants of the parcel. The recipients were family, and we are all absolutely disgusted by Hermes' failings. I have since been trying to claim compensation for the contents, postage, and negligence by Hermes. I can't even get a postage refund. Hermes cannot even bring themselves to apologise, or acknowledge any wrong doing via their claims processes. The list of Hermes's wrong doings are as follows: 1. Hermes cannot say where my "lost" parcel was for a 12 day period 2.My parcel took 14 days to be delivered. (the website said it should have taken up to 7 days to the location I required, but this information seems to have since been taken down) 3. All of the goods within the parcel were damaged by rats 4. The delivery man did not log a picture of the damaged goods as proof of delivery (only a blank sheet of paper is uploaded, supposedly not to incriminate themselves regrading the condition of the parcel) 5. The delivery man did not ring the doorbell, or speak to the recipient, and physically ran away from the property once the parcel was dumped and actively avoided communication with the recipients 6. Hermes would not honour my claim for compensation because the parcel contained (in their opinion) "perishable food". But they cannot offer a definition of "perishable" and do not accept the fact that if the parcel did not encounter rats, then the parcel items would have lasted weeks or even months within the box. 7. Hermes have refused to discuss my case any further and have ceased communications. What I have done: 1.Tried to claim via Hermes and failed. 2. Contacted Citizens Advice (who contacted Trading Standards) 3.Completed a chargeback claim via my bank (for the postage) which was declined. I complained at the decision, and it was rejected again. Evidence I have: 1. Photos of the parcel before and after delivery 2.All correspondance with Hermes 3.Correspondance with Citizens Advice and my bank Aside from the health aspects of recieving a parcel covered in rat urine, I feel compelled enough to take this further on principle. It is not reasonable to pay for a courier service that destroys parcels, and they should not be immune to providing compensation for the above. Any advice on this particular situation is welcome, in particular, what are my next steps? I am sure I have protection under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. Thanks very much! hedge_err
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