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  1. @dx100uk Thank you DX, i will be ignoring those idiots. I will attempt to resolve this with the university. Thank you
  2. @unclebulgaria67 This was a self-funded postgrad degree, according to the terms and conditions I am liable for 25% (£2475) of the fees. @BankFodder Sorry I didn't clarify the years of my interruption to studies. I was granted an interruption in October 2017 until October 2018, then granted another year extension of interruption to the following academic year, bringing my total interruption to 2 years. In their terms and conditions this is only offered in the most exceptional of circumstances. I was unable to return in 2019, and was permanently withdrawn on Nov 1st 2019. I am not too sure how to implement what you've said into my complaint, but how exactly did they breach their contract in your opinion? Thank you.
  3. The DCA is STA International & University is Birmingham I did inform them, and I have confirmation via email confirming my withdrawal from studies on the 11th October. When I didn't return to studies I was permanently withdrawn, I have email confirmation of this, however they have written my withdrawal date as 1st of November for some reason...
  4. I enrolled in a course in 2017, which I began on or around 18th September 2017. Within 2 weeks I suffered a few personal issues and took an interruption to studies on October 11th, meaning I attended the university for around 3 weeks, if that. I recently received a letter from a DCA saying that they intend to recover the monies for a full semester on behalf of the university. Am I right in thinking that this is completely unreasonable? I attended for less than 15% of the semester before taking an interruption to studies and eventually withdrawing without returning. I am aware that due to me attending I will owe some money, and I am happy to pay that on a pro-rata basis, meaning I'd pay £495 (15%) instead of the full £3300. Is this a reasonable approach? I am unwilling to pay the full semester fee as that is completely unreasonable. Does any one have any experience with this? Should I contact the university, or deal with the DCA?
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