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  1. This is pretty depressing. I just had two more eBay purchases marked as delivered which I have not received. Two boxes of vegetable seeds. One was supposed to be delivered by BlueCare Express (never heard of them) and the other by Aqualine (ditto). These items weren't actually for me, they were for somebody else. I'm really sick of this now. I just about exhausted myself chasing up one delivery with no guarantee of a positive outcome and now I have to go through it all twice more.
  2. Thanks for the information. As eBay seem to be on this now, I'll see how that goes - I think I have enough arrows in the air for the time being but will look at the Direct Debit route if things don't work out. I just went through my PayPal account and made sure that my debit card is the primary option on all payments - I think that by default, direct debit is.
  3. I'm sorry, I don't follow. Anyway, I am not dipping in and out of this, I have been at it non-stop. I finally found a way to get eBay to contact me - I was prevented from opening a case because it was marked as delivered which meant that whichever link I followed on their website, I was prevented from getting any kind of phone time with them. I eventually found a chat-bot and typed 'I need to speak to somebody' and I got a call a minute later. I explained the situation to them and stressed that I didn't think that it was the seller but the delivery company who was at fault. They told me that a case would be opened (I have received e-mail confirmation that it has) and the seller has until next Thursday to respond after which, eBay will find in my favour and I will be refunded. It will then be up to the seller to seek compensation from Yodel. I'm not 100% certain that that is how things will pan out and I'm pretty fed up that I am stuck without a VNA until some time after I get a refund - I'm not risking ending up with having to pay for two if I buy another and the original one shows up before I get a refund.
  4. Unfortunately, it looks like a chargeback is not an option as it was paid by Direct Debit to PayPal. The link I followed suggests that chargebacks can only be made on credit cards, debit cards or charge cards.
  5. There is no photo of the delivery address but Yodel gave me a description of the house where it was delivered, presumably from the driver, and as it does not match my house, and I have the description in writing via two different means, it is a tacit admission that they delivered it to the wrong address. I can't see anywhere on the Yodel website which gives an indication of the item's dimensions - I have clicked every link on the tracking page. I have uploaded a PDF with what I can see - if you can tell me where to click, I will. By the way, I only anonymised my tracking number to avoid breaching any forum privacy issues. I am reluctant to do a chargeback at this early stage - there isn't really very much they can do. I received a message from Yodel via Twitter saying that I should ask the seller to sort this out but as I said to them, the seller is about 500 miles away, what can they do? The driver is the only person who knows where they put the item through the letterbox - they should go and retrieve it. But given that they put it through the letterbox, I suppose that there is a significant possibility that there was nobody at home and if that is the case, there probably won't be if they go back during working hours. yodel-nanovna.pdf
  6. Thanks, yes I have the chat log. I managed to get the addresses out of them. For the record, anybody needing them, they are: [email protected] Atlantic Pavilion Albert Dock Liverpool Merseyside L3 4AE
  7. I'm just chatting with the Yodel bot. They have again acknowledged that they delivered to an address which they described and does not sound like mine at all. Three times I asked for the e-mail address and postal address to make complaints and they refused each time.
  8. I just had a kind of acknowledgement from Yodel via Twitter that the package was delivered to the wrong address - they described fairly specifically where it was delivered and it does not match the description of my house at all.
  9. I don't need measurements of the package to know that it would fit through a letterbox - the item is smaller than an old iPhone - the point is that they have not put it through mine. I know this for a fact because firstly, I was looking out of the window waiting for them and no vans showed up. There is very little traffic here and there wasn't even a car. Secondly, there was nothing put through my letterbox, even if a phantom van delivered it, and there was nobody else in the house who could have moved it. I did attempt to contact Yodel yesterday (via their online chat and Twitter) and whilst there was initial contact, in both cases, they disappeared when they took my details. The 'delivery' only happened yesterday but given that they claim that it was delivered, that seems to be pretty finite as far as the direction of travel, i.e. it isn't still in the van or at the warehouse - it isn't going to show up unless the driver recalls where he left it, recovers it (assuming that there is somebody at home) and delivers it to me (assuming that he can find my address when he couldn't previously). I am going to clear my bases today before I embark on anything but I have a pretty good track record of hanging on until I succeed with consumer issues - it was just that in this case it looked like the rules has stitched me up.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I have to assume that something has changed in consumer law at some point over the pas 20 years that I missed because I have been told on numerous occasions that it is up to the sender to claim as they have the contract with the delivery company. As I said in my original post, the item cost £40 (just over), it was a NanoVNA (a hand held Vector Network Analyser) which is something radio amateurs use for analysing antennas. I don't know much about the seller other than although the item listing says that its location was Atherstone, the seller's actual address at the very bottom of the page, says it is in China. Unfortunately, although these are open source devices, that's where they are made but somehow they are simultaneously sold by sellers in China whilst being located in the UK. However, I don't think the seller is at fault. The item has been delivered somewhere and you cannot see full Yodel tracking without entering the postcode in the address so my postcode obviously matches the postcode on the label and the van was in my general area (it was about two miles away when the tracking said mine was the next delivery. What is frustrating at this point is that I need the item but without knowing what the outcome will be, I don't want to buy another one - I don't want to end up with two if the other one surfaces and all the sellers on eBay have similar shipping arrangements, i.e. 'Other Courier 5 Days' so the same thing could happen. Anyway, I'll read through the linked documents.
  11. If Kafka were alive, he would be writing eBay's rules. I bought an item on eBay which was supposedly delivered by Yodel - the tracking says that it was put through my letterbox. I was actually looking through my window waiting for the van, having been watching the tracking progress, just as the tracking status changed. There was no van and nothing was put through my letterbox. I contacted Yodel and they said that it was delivered and I must be mistaken. I cannot open an eBay item not delivered case because the tracking says it was delivered. I can't make a claim against Yodel because their contract is with the seller and the seller cannot make a claim against Yodel because the tracking says it has been delivered. In fact, having read a case of a seller who said that a buyer claimed that an item had not been delivered to them (even though the tracking said it had been delivered) they were told, don't worry, if the tracking says it has been delivered, eBay will always settle the case in favour of the seller. I wouldn't normally come on here for eBay advice as, until recently, there has been a mechanism within eBay to deal with things but when I clicked the item not delivered link, I was told that it had been delivered and there were no other options. I've been using eBay for 20 years, I have 100% feedback and I don't make false claims. This was a £40 item, not something worth risking one's reputation over but equally, not a sum to write off just because a driver couldn't be bothered to check the address. I only have one neighbour so if they delivered there, I would have seen them. I really don't feel inclined to write this off but I don't know what else I can do.
  12. No, I am not letting my previous experience affect me - that's why I didn't name the charity because I wouldn't want anybody else to judge them by it either. My neighbour has been absent for a week now - which is nice for me. My landlord has a houseful of guests who are out around my house a lot but I can easily mask their noise with music or something.
  13. Thanks again. I guess you are a night owl going by the time of your posts. I am too and could stay up all night enjoying the peace and quiet when everybody else is asleep except that my girlfriend gets up at about 6.00am and we would hardly see each other. It's usually about 3.00am when I finally hit the hay anyway. Before she moved in, I tried going completely nocturnal - sleeping through the busiest parts of the day with earplugs in. But then I got a cat for company and that just isn't going to work. I had a similar problem with my war pension although it only took a few phone calls and e-mails to sort out. Both my local council and DWP deducted it from my benefits until I made a fuss. I learned a long time ago to always cc the CAB in e-mails as it expedites matters considerably. As both offices did it, I think there is some general lack of understanding of policies. It's probably because my girlfriend is now visibly living here that the only time the quad bike has been out, the neighbour steered his son away from our house. His son is only about three but when his brother's kids have been here who are older, they have torn about. So, at this moment in time, it feels like I have made a fuss about nothing but I am also aware how things can change very quickly. As an aside, the first in person contact I had with a veterans charity a few years ago, a guy came to my house and promised me all kinds of support and goodies. I didn't like him at all as he seemed more interested in telling me about himself than hearing what I had to say. Every time I said anything, he butted in to tell me something about himself and his military service. I remember he was driving a BMW and had what seemed like an expensive suit (I don't do fashion so I don't really know). Nothing he promised materialised and in fact, I ended up out of pocket because he said that another veterans charity would pay to get my car fixed as I was essentially housebound in the middle of nowhere and couldn't afford to get my car MoT'ed and I said I didn't think the car (an old Discovery) was economically worth fixing - it needed a lot of work. He insisted that he could get it sorted out and I ended up driving over a hundred miles with a friend escorting me to give me a lift home only to be told by the charity that they were not willing to pay. Two years later, I discovered that the guy had embezzled thousands from the charity he worked for and that most of what he had boasted about himself was BS. I'll not name the charity as I don't know if they are still running and I don't want to tarnish them with his reputation any more than they already have been but I'd guess that you already know about him anyway. He seemed to get away with it as the actual amount I hear that he had taken was a lot more than he pleaded guilty to and he didn't have to surrender his car or house which had been financed by his theft. He did a short stint in prison then died not long afterwards. I credit my hypervigilance for smelling a rat the moment I met him. It can be like a superpower in that I can sense trouble of one sort or another well before the s hits the fan. Nobody ever listens, though.
  14. To be honest, Stu, I don't know what the right answer to your question is. A family own the estate I live on and the tenancy agreement which was provided by Savills has the name of the estate with the word 'trust' added at the end. I had never give the significance much thought until I had a rare visitor recently who has lived in the area their whole life who was telling me how some estates are clearing their tenants to sell off the housing but he said, 'you'll be okay because Xxxx Estate is a trust'. The tenancy agreement simply says, 'Xxxx Estate Trust'. For me, the circle was a two year circle enclosed in a five year circle; from being told that the only treatment available to me (pre-diagnosis) was something called CBAST. I read the information booklet about it and said that I don't see how this therapy can be of any help as it focussed on relationships and I live a virtual solitary existence so none of the case examples were remotely relevant. A few years later, I found myself being referred to two veterans charities by a mental health worker (who was nominally in one department of the NHS), Combat Stress being one. After waiting for a year, I spent a week at Combat Stress and then waited another year for my referral back and found myself with the same mental health worker who was now nominally working in a different department. They said that the only treatment available to me was CBAST. I explained my reservations but said I would engage with it so long as we were flexible as I would not be able to meet the programme's 'work' expectations. Anyway, about three weeks into it, they went on sick leave and never came back. That has been another major problem - in ten years that I have been living in this health authority, I have seen more different people than I can count and almost all of them I only saw once. I felt like a lab rat with the chemicals they were giving me and the side effects made me feel worse - some were truly nightmarish. Prior to being referred to Combat Stress, I had reached the last straw when I had been put on a particular medication which had me wondering who I was every morning. I had driven to an appointment and sat in a waiting room for two hours until the doctor I was supposed to be seeing came out and told me she was busy in a meeting. I stopped taking the stuff that day and wrote to the Scottish Health Secretary about how unfit for purpose the mental health service was and detailed anonymously every fob off I had experienced. I got a letter which simply suggested that I contact Combat Stress and that's how I ended up going that way. The diagnosis I got from Combat Stress was that the anxiety and PTSD (and other symptoms with names I don't remember off the top of my head) had been left untreated for so long (about 40 years) that they could not be treated in a conventional way because the way I had dealt with it in that time had effectively created a personality disorder. The only actual good that has come of it is that it has provided a lens through which I can look back on my life to get a better understanding. I spent about two years figuring it all out for myself and when I did have appointments with anybody, I knew I was wasting my time because I could spend an hour trying to explain a small point and they just wouldn't get it and sometimes they misunderstood something so badly that I had no confidence to tell them anything. I still have the same symptoms but at least I don't feel like I am insane (most of the time) or try to annihilate them with alcohol. Regarding cameras, I used to have a dashcam on my car which was parked outside and pointing toward my neighbour's house, they must have seen it every time they parked their car but it obviously didn't bother them. Anyway, yes, I will do that. Thanks for your help.
  15. Hello Stu, Thank you for your reply. No, I'm not having any help at present. Firstly, I felt like I had been on the M60 going the wrong way for several years and when I had been through Combat Stress and another veterans charity, I ended up being referred back to the same NHS department and the same proposed treatment I had been having before I was diagnosed. I phoned the Combat Stress emergency number whilst my neighbour was having an outdoor party a few years ago and it wasn't a good experience. Secondly, partly due to the current virus situation but mainly because I was only using my car to drive to the postbox about a mile away from my house every couple of weeks, I decided it didn't make economic sense to keep it on the road - so going anywhere is a bit problematic. The nearest place would be about 25 miles away. That said, I have always had problems living with other people - especially sleeping with other people in the same house - but my girlfriend who used to live nearby and who had moved down to England for a job, recently moved back up here and is now living with me but she works long hours and I couldn't really rely on her for transport. No, I didn't have any diagnosis when I moved here and was working so I didn't complete any housing application forms. I have had symptoms, especially hypervigilence, anxiety and depression for forty years and always tried to find somewhere quiet to live but I often found myself in the worst situations. I moved to my current address almost by accident. However, I have told the landlord (and his father before him) that I have mental health problems and have mentioned PTSD. I appreciate the suggestion that I contact my GP and Veterans Gateway. They are options that I will bear in mind but I find the thought a bit daunting at the moment. My tenancy agreement is with the trust. I don't really feel comfortable sharing the name of the trust as it is quite specific but the tenancy is administered by Savills. I quoted what my neighbour said to me not long after he moved in. I had asked him if he could be more considerate with his noise - he was cleaning his car at the time with the doors open car stereo playing The Great Pretender over and over again at full volume. I don't think I can repeat the rest of the conversation publicly but it said a lot about his attitude. I didn't make a formal complaint. I asked my then landlord if I could have a word with him and he came to my house (he only lived about 200m away). Things did improve a little. Since then, he moved to another house and one of his sons moved in and is in charge. At the moment, my neighbour seems to be working away a lot and there are other factors which I think will mean that it will be mainly quiet for a while but his brothers children had been riding quad bikes around last summer right outside my house and the sight of one being unloaded a couple of days ago made me feel nauseous. I will keep a log of anything which happens. Just as an aside, I worked with homeless young people for a while and I was trained to identify bullies and bullying and witnessed it for myself. They are experts at hiding their behaviour and charming other people. Everybody seems to think that the sun shines out of my neighbour's backside and I think that is part of his strategy for getting away with doing whatever he wants. Thank you for your kind comments.
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