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  1. Thank you for your very informative reply. I appreciate it so much. But is the only thing I can realistically do is take them to court?
  2. Yesterday I posted a guitar that I sold on reverb.com through parcel2go via parcelforce. The website had a drop down menu asking what the item was and I clicked "musical instrument", it then prompted whether I wanted to insure the guitar and I did. The value of the guitar was £1400, and it quoted me £100 to fully insure. The guitar arrived completely damaged to the recipient. The guitar was packed in its original hardshell case and then inside a cardboard box. I covered the box with "Handle with care", yet when it arrived to the buyer there was a hole penetrating the box, the hard case and thus hitting the guitar, damaging it. I immediately put in a claim with parcel2go and within 30 mins they rejected it. Apparently a musical instrument is "prohibited"?? Yet it sold me some expensive insurance? I have no idea what to do. Parcelforce manhandled the guitar really badly and failed to do their job properly And parcel2go mis-sold me insurance leading me to believe that it would be covered. It is so deceiving, and morally wrong. What can I do in this situation? jpg2pdf.pdf
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