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  1. No I do not, here’s what they have to say Klarna I can confirm that fraud searches are common, therefore please do not worry, and I have been advised that they are indeed not visible to other lenders. / Josephine Me Thanks for confirming that for me. I just don’t understand why you would search for me when I haven’t got any products with you? klarna Thank you, some merchants would use Klarna as a payment processor on their orders, so even though the payment is going directly to them and no credit is set up with Klarna, any transactions or searches would appear as Klarna. This maybe a reason why, however I can just again confirm that this will not effect you in anyway and will not be visible to other lenders. /Joel
  2. Hi all, Can anyone tell me what the following means, it has shown up on my DSAR from CIFAS. Klarna Bank AB (publ) undertook a search on 18 May 2021 using your details - please contact Klarna Bank AB (publ) for further information. I am wondering if this will affect me? thanks,
  3. Hi sorry, coincidence or what they’ve just called me. They have removed the marker but can’t elaborate on why it was there. I am happy with their response anyway as I can get on with things now! thank you very much for how in depth you was with your replies
  4. Hi, received my SAR back today... they’ve told me it’s a duplicate request of a previous one. How shall I proceed? My complaints been escalated and they’re investigating and asking me for any evidence I’ve got. They’re also asking for copies of my friends credit file and SAR. Surely I’m not allowed to give them this?
  5. I’ve just had a quick read through your template. That’s brilliant, thank you very much I’ll be sending that off to them to get as much info as I can... suspect I’ll have to escalate this to FOS. Where do I find the address of who I need to send this to? I only have the email address of the data protection officer
  6. I don’t quite understand what you want me to show you, I filled in all my details for them to identify me, they asked what my SAR was in relation to and I selected current account (As I also had a Barclaycard). I can PM you the actual response they sent me with my statements and letter they sent if that would help? Thanks again for your help, why do you not expect they will remove it?
  7. I requested my data from here https://www.apply.barclays.co.uk/forms/gdpr?execution=e1s1 Then I had to contact [email protected] due to not receiving the reference number I needed. Sorry I wasn’t clear enough, I’ve complained and they haven’t given me their final response yet but reading other people’s posts it doesn’t look like they will remove it.
  8. No references to anything like that, no discussions, I received my response from them around 1 month ago after waiting longer than I should've had to because they didn’t initially email me the reference number I needed to access it. So I had to wait another week for the next one to arrive
  9. I meant as in the SAR I received back from them was unhelpful. It was pretty much just my statement from the years I had my current account with them, and the letter they sent me when they was closing down my account. Speaking with them on the phone no one will tell me anything other than I should hear back “soon” Thanks for helping me out
  10. Barclays, I had the account several years my salary was paid into there etc... it was my main account. Never had any issues on there not used overdraft, occasionally had money from my father for several thousand but that was probable quite a while before they froze and close my account. I have sent SAR’s to CIFAS, N Hunter and Barclays, all responded Barclays wasn’t helpful at all. CIFAS hold no data on me. N Hunter has the fraud marker registered on my name. I contacted him, he hasn’t got anything on his files as I told him what had happened and he also sent of SAR to the company’s above, the transfer was from a current account in his name at Halifax I’m not sure if Barclays can see who sent the money?
  11. Hi this is my first post here I’ll try to include as much detail as possible but I’m not going to mention any names as they are currently investigating and I don’t want to interrupt that. the bank in question have loaded me onto the National Hunter database in 2018 for “False instruments paid in”, I only found this data a couple of weeks ago. This is what I believe to be over a payment I received from a close friend at the time for around £500, he transferred it me I drew it out in the branch to go and collect some parts for a project we was working on as his cards limit was lower and he was in my car with me I didn’t see it as an issue. We had previously transferred money to and from each other’s accounts without any issues. However shortly after I withdrew this money I was left with my bank account frozen. And ultimately closed a couple of weeks later, this was extremely stressful at the time as my salary was paid into here... My said friend is also a customer of this bank himself! Now my question is, does the bank have any grounds in which they can register me on this fraud database just for withdrawing the money, it’s not exactly a large sum? Thanks,
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