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  1. I'll upload the documents Sunday, is that just the letters I've received? My naivety, in shooting myself in the foot. I believe I've had the letter of claim, as I disputed the debt, although the letter doesn't say letter of claim. Also suspect it was as the email I received later said "bundle" in the attachment. I recall from supporting a friend in a family court that a bundle is what normally ends up in the court. Cheers for the prompt response.
  2. Hi, I've looked through the New members, and may have missed something, so apologies in advance. Wish I'd found this website several months ago, I've probably made rookie errors. Quick summary, I made an emergency stop in a car park, for about 40 minutes, in the summer of 2019. We didn't leave the car, and left when the emergency was clear. Some 2 months later, I received a letter demanding money from Mr Baywatch. My car had been photographed entering and leaving. From the time of the incident, till the letter I'd moved house. DVLA were taking 8-10 weeks to turn round change of addresses. The person who posted the letters had taken over my old address. Contacted Baywatch, explained I'd moved house and could they send my a copy of the original PCN. Still had 11 days before the 28 day timer on the letter I had ran out. A couple of emails pinged back and forth, then Baywatch said they could no loner communicate with me as the debt had been passed on. Some weeks later I received a letter from Gladstones, they'd also sent the letter to the wrong address, despite me telling Baywatch the correct address. I have raised this as an issue with the ICO as I believe they have misused my data. I have also raised a complaint with the BPA about Baywatch, as I believe they have broken the BPA code, a number of times, especially in their dragging out the response. I'm new to this as I have never had a ticket before. I have never heard of POPLA, didn't know I could appeal, as nothing on the Baywatch letter said I could appeal. What has further confused me is that the when I visited the site some months later to look at the signage, it said it was managed by Branby Wilson. How does that work? Over 2 months ago I had a "bundle" from Gladstones. I wrote to them twice challenging them on a number of points and asking some questions. I gave them until the 5 Apr 21 to respond, they never did. I emailed them to ask them to respond. Got a abrupt response to say, they were busy, they have more than 1 file blah blah. Responded that is their issue, not mine. here I am 66 days later and still no answers or clarification to my questions. I'm also awaiting the outcome to my complaints from the BPA and ICO. Suppose I suspect the answer to my question, yet how long do they have to respond to me? I get 28 days each time, and come the 28th day both companies send out their next letter. I'm 66 days in and nothing. I complained to their office manger who hasn't responded and is now on holiday until Jun 21.
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