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  1. Hello everybody again I was offered a compensation of 280 quid out of 500 cause they said that the smartwatch I sent was a restricted item. Should I accept it?
  2. Dear Stu007 First of all thanks very much for the kindness and condolences. I might not know you personally but it really means a lot to hear/read these warm hearting words especially in this period of my life. Regarding the parcel2go footnote: yes I noticed that just prior to my last post but seeing Bankfodder getting upset about my reference towards a "rival" website and the fact that he didn't like the my (poor) writing style (I don't blame him for that :D) , I preferred to just skip that info. This is part of myhermesinternational chat regarding liability 03:24:27 PM [Sammie] I am sorry. We don't cover for consequential loss. Thanks very much for the time given. God bless.
  3. It's ok. Thanks very much for your kind help. God bless.
  4. Hi I have explained it to you. The my hermes tracking wasn't showing any update so I contacted Hermes chat support and they gave me 2 different tracking number to track their parcel. 1 tracking was for a multitracking site and another one was a DPD tracking. Again I have explained that as well. The parcel arrived to the customs in Italy but was held there for 7 days pending customs charge payment but nobody contacted my sister for the duties payment. Hence it was sent back (got stolen, dirtbags down there do these kind of things. They stolen a similar package when I was a kid more than 20 years ago) Sorry for troubling you with my unbearable narrative but that is the way I explain things. I try to be as precise as I can. Moneysaving expert site states that you can claim compensation for mental distress by failed or late delivery. Sorry again and God bless.
  5. Dear Honeybee13 Thanks very much. Hope this will be the beginning of a great cooperation between your great website and myself. Sorry for the wrong section mistake, will try to be more careful once I get to know the dynamics of the site better. God bless.
  6. Good afternoon. I am new user and this is my first post. I will briefly explain my problem: I booked a delivery with my hermes international more than a month ago. The parcel consisted in a gaming console plus 5 games and a Garmin smartwatch. The parcel was insured for 500 pounds and the service plus the insurance cover costed me 40 pounds. The parcel was for my sister and their 2 daughters who were in distress and pain taking care of my mother's enduring and fighting her terminal disease. Something to help them cope with grief for all the things they went through in the last 15 months. I was given a tracking number which didn't update at all. After few days I decided to contact their customer service via chat regarding the aforementioned issue. After few minutes the operator came up with 2 different tracking numbers which were external to my hermes, one was from an international multitracking site and another one was from DPD. The DPD tracking was the most reliable and after few days, the parcel arrived in Italy and it was showing as "waiting for payment of custom duties" or something like this DPD tracking doesn't work anymore with the number they gave me. I did contact my sister and told her to get ready to pay custom duties on the parcel and that I would had reimbursed her the money as soon as the precise amount would have been clarified by the custom officials. After a couple of days I check the DPD tracking again only to find out that apparently "they were unable to collect payment of duties from recipient" and therefore my parcel would have been returned to the sender. I suddenly contacted my sister and asked her if she had received any call or letter from the customs but her answer was negative. No letter or call arrived from any custom officer at all. I suddenly contacted my hermes chat again and they told me they would had opened an investigation and in case they lost the parcel, they were not liable for the loss. I quickly told them that it was a false statement and I required the name and surname of the operator. He denied my request stating "that his first name was enough". I did reply reminding hi that he juridically exposed himself by confirming they are not liable and therefore should had identified himself. He denied again. 2/3 days later I receive a communication that the parcel was lost and that I had to upload evidence on non received item. Basically I had to show them my whatsapp private chat between me and my sister where she confirmed that she didn't receive any communication from any customs officer. My Beloved Mother died 5 days later. I have been unable to see my relatives in ages, I wasn't able to hold my mothers hand while she went to the incorruptible Kingdom. I didn't get any apology and after a week from submitting "evidence" (they had them already as they communicated to me that they lost the parcel) which involved an invasion of privacy as well between me and my sister grieving my mother's last days, I still didn't even receive my insurance money back. Needless to say that I wanna sue them badly and make them pay for their disgusting service but also for all the mental distress they gave me and my family. I would like to know what do you think about it. Thanks very much for your time.
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