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  1. I am writing to you, as I have personally now hit a brick wall with Vodafone. I've been a customer of Vodafones for over 17yrs. I currently have 4 contract lines (previously had 6) about 4years ago, Vodafone for reasons unknown to me, started making mistakes with my bills .. mainly sometimes not taking payments. Then one of the phones could receive calls, and Vodafone said nothing was wrong, 1 year later, it came to light that Vodafone had 2 sims activated, and this wasn't noticed by the " specialist Technicians" but a sales woman at a local branch. Vodafone then didn't bill me for almost 2yrs and then demanded I pay a 6k bill. I asked Vodafone why they didn't take take payments, and they couldn't answer. I complaint many times, and always fell on deaf ears.. I complained to CeDr.. who took Vodafones side.. and is clearly one sided. I showed Vodafone that the debt is paid and its Vodafone who owe me, as my current bill for 4 lines is £300, where as it should be £90. for 3yrs they have been over charging me by 210 per month. Vodafone won't allow me to leave nor change tariffs.. they holding me ransom.
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