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  1. The whole point of GDPR is recognition of how valuable data is. And thus, destroy it when it is no longer absolutely necessary to have it.
  2. I created an account specifically to reply to this thread. I received a text message from AX informing me of a data breach. What was leaked for me was: Claim Reference, Name, Address, Telephone number, Email Address, Insurer details, Vehicle make and model, Accident details, Repairer details and limited details in respect of the thirdparty driver. In your case, your the 3rd party. (your information was passed across by your insurance company) which is in your insurance contract. I've contacted xxxxxx. who are starting a claim for me as a GDPR breach to this level is really bad and carry legal (and settlement) figures. Just advice, your data has been mis handled. Do something about it. Just Google data breach, you'll find allot of companies. Hope this helped. Regards David
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